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TG / ArmA Resurgence


  • TG / ArmA Resurgence

    Our ArmA section here at Tactical Gamer has welcomed a resurgence the last couple of months. We've seen multiple events and a regular core of players is now on daily. TG/ArmA has also been cut to its basics. All you need to play now on our server is ArmA 2 + OA + ACE. This leaves it very open to new players who have been scared off by the amount of prep in the past. Along with this we have a new Game Officer: Dredge, and his new leaner and meaner admin team. Our missions development section has returned with a vengeance and you can expect many new and exciting missions available to play.

    Now that we have a new GO, I wanted to get his vision of the future for TG/ArmA and where he thinks we are headed as a community. That being said I opened up the floor to the community and had them present several questions for him....


    As much as many are excited about the aggressive
    new approach to leading the Arma community, what are
    the progressive actions that are being taken to address
    one important issue: human resources ? In every
    level of an organization, the one force drives that entity to a
    success, is the men and women who work toward it's success. What
    are the actions and plans being developed to bring in competent
    leaders, mission makers and obedient soldiers ?

    As we, the community, embark on this journey to write the
    legacy of The Dredge, what is the big picture ? Are we leaning
    towards openness ? Are we utilizing the latest and coolest
    gadgets and making the potential new incoming players go through
    several technological hurdles ? Or are we making ourselves open and
    easily accessible for the average Joe who wants to pull the
    trigger in the same direction as his fellow virtual brothers and sisters
    which stand next to him?

    Any reconciliation plan to the player base that we built?


    We as an admin team are working closely with the TGU instructors for ArmA. Through this we have completely revamped the TGU syllabus for ArmA. There are more courses, and some that focus just on leadership from the Fire Team Leader level all the way up to Platoon and Company level. Also, the Spartan group (the Old Pathfinders) are taking a big step in the direction of community leadership.

    As far as Mission Development; ACOG, Jacezz, Hawke and several others have been working non-stop to stand up a new Dev Team. We are expecting to see the fruits of their labor in the weeks too come. But we will have a new Dev Team to spearhead mission making, testing and uploading.

    With new content comes alot of questions that need to be answered. Is this content for a specific mission ? Or is it something that players will continue to use after its added. Also, the trouble with always getting the newest and coolest toys is that our download size starts to grow. We had this trouble with the old TG Mod Pack before ACE 2. So many things got added that the size of that folder was upwards of several gigs. We want to streamline the process of getting on the TG servers. We have the vanilla server, and an ACE server. Our ACE server is updated with Yoma that everyone has access too, so there is no question as to if you have all the right stuff. If we start increasing that download size with kit that might not even be used we are making it harder to jump on and play. That being said, we are still open to suggestions on content. New models, vehicles etc, that will be used often. Not just a one time mission. If you have any items you wish to bring to our attention by all means post up in the CAA forum and we will have a look at it.

    As for other groups, clans, communities that are out there. TG is an open community. You are free to come and go as you please. We invite everyone to play on our server and we have personally invited some as well. Our reconciliation plan if you want to call it that is simple. Just Play. Our server is open, come and have fun. No ill feelings, no bringing up the past. We are here for the game and the environment that TG provides.


    I would like to know how did you reach the rank of commanding officer
    (brief bio maybe !?). What were the major steps and events. And how does
    it work at this level, what do you have to deal with on a daily basis ?
    How does it work with the other COs and senior leadership of TG ?


    Well, I think it all started back when I joined TG. I picked up my supporting membership pretty much as soon as I registered. The first game I played on the server I was the CO for the now famous Ia Drang mission. Because of the leadership skills I presented I was selected to join the 303rd TGSAD lead by Jack Bauer. He took me under his wing and showed me what it was to be a Tactical Gamer. From there I worked hard to give back to TG and was selected to become an Admin for ArmA. From there the rest is history so too speak. Worked as an Admin, did some GO work for Medal Of Honor and then was picked to follow Jeepo as the GO.

    As far as my duties, I help focus the admin team and give general direction as to where we are headed. I also help other GO's and admins with any problems and vise versa. Sometimes I spend the evening running things by the TG Admins as far as forum stuff and news articles etc. Its very busy, but I always manage to find time to jump on the server and pew pew.


    As TG 'er and sometimes ArmA2 player, two of the biggest topics I
    hear mentioned are play versus humans rather than AI, and also the
    complex technical side of getting ArmA2 up and running as its played
    here at TG . Many folks mention these two items as the main reason they
    have held off playing ArmA2. Would you care to comment on these Dredge?


    This is a hot topic these days. I enjoy both actually. Going against a rutheless AI or a cunning human. I would like to hopefully see more of a mix in the months too come as well. I think that our AI fights are usually centered around large scale combined arms operations while our TvT aspect is alot smaller. Fire team on fire team size. Perhaps if we had a combined arms TvT on the scale of our normal missions more players would be willing to participate.

    ArmA is a very technical game. There is no sugar coating it. However, we have a vast player base as well as a very helpful admin team that are willing to help players get set up any time. The admin team even uses a program called Team Viewer that actually lets us connect to your desktop and set everything up for you. And we are all more than happy to do so if players have trouble. So while it is a techincal sometimes pain in the butt process of getting ArmA ready to run on the TG servers, we have alot of support channels to make it easier.


    What is the immediate/short term/long term plan for ArmA at TG ?

    How will the Addon process be better managed for long term rather than
    following the trend ?

    What is TG ArmAII really after? What type of online players are we after?
    (besides the obvious TG Primer and its appropriate SOPs of game titles)

    Is advertising an option ? if so, how are we actively pushing the marketing process ?


    The immediate plan both long and short term is to provide a fun, friendly, and mature environment to play ArmA. That is our goal now and always. Its not to be the biggest, or the best. But simply the most fun. We want players to want to play at TG. That is what we are working towards.

    Addons right now are managed by the admin team and that is only because we are reintroducing ACE and eventually ACRE. After that, once the dust settles, we will open the floor for players to submit content they would like to see on the server. Now, all that is submitted wont be added, and it will be researched and tested and presented to the players first. But, this is your (the players) community. We want you to have a say in what it has and what it represents.

    TG ArmA isn't after anyone per se. We present a server and a game to the world and say "You are free to come play". That's the long and short of it. We encourage everyone to play, and join in the discussions on the forums. But we are "hunting" for players so too speak.

    With TG's policy on outside recruiting, the advertising thing becomes tricy. We dont want to preach one thing and do another. However, we are working on making our gaming more visable. Be it through Youtube or AAR posts, or even front page news articles. We aren't going to push TG ArmA onto anyone, but will instead present them with what we do and let them decide to come play.


    How far up the milsim ladder do we want to go? Hardcore SOP style
    operations where if the military does it, we do it, or the more casual
    anything goes as long as you flow player SOPs?


    This is a tough one. We all enjoy different styles of play. Focusing on one, or making one a primary mode only alienates those that don't like that style or mode. However, we are looking to have a little of everything. Fun and fast firefights, slow methodical assaults, or a milsim event like the one coming up. I think finding a good mix is the best bet. Why limit ourselves to one style of play? We can do it all if we want too. Player SOP's, TG SOP's. and ArmA SOP's will always be enforced. As will the TG primer. That is the backbone of everything we do here and we wont bend it or tweak it.


    possible Shacktac / UO joint event - any news / thoughts on?
    Been wondering last couple of days.


    Yes! I am not going to let the chance for large joint ops pass us by. As we know, the players of Shacktac are capable and willing to game with us TG folk and have done so on several occasions. I would like to play a large multicommunity event much like the recent MSO that involves Shacktack, UO, RIP, etc.

    As far as events with UO, I have been saying it for some time now; It's time to burry the hatchet. Players come and go and clans form and break up. It's online gaming. It will happen. However dwelling on what was or could have been doesn't do anything but harbor anger and grief. I have no ill feelings towards the members of UO and as always wish them the best of luck in the future. My only concern is for ArmA at TG. Nothing more nothing less.

    However, because of the recent attempt at an event and having emotions dictate the discussion the next event will be more of a behind closed door planning phase. This way there is no emotions or emotional players getting in the way. I am not and will not point any fingers, but the planning of the next event will be more gentlemanly.


    Lovely to see some open cooperation with different communities.
    Further big plans to reach out to different communities?
    In this small community of Arma players worldwide (compared to other games),
    it is only logical to work together to provide each other the best possible
    experience by working together than competing against each other.


    The overall ArmA community is very large and very diverse. The admin team will always look for ways to bring more of us together on the same battlefield. Unlike with other PC games, ArmA has a very specific group of people that play and that is what binds all of us together into the overall "ArmA Community". So it is reasonable to assume that we should work towards gaming with each other.


    Is there an ArmAII community wide integration in the works?
    (Not including the usual suspects; UnitedOperations & Shacktac)


    There is. We have what is called the "ArmA War Arrangers" group. Right now its very small and features reps and admins from different communities of ArmA players. There we talk about everything from patches, to tactics to planning events. I am sure there are UO and ST reps there as well. While it is small now, I expect to see more and more groups joining allowing us a bigger player base to game with.


    Any word on ETA for PR mod? What are the potential revolutionary
    differences between BF2PR and Arma PR? Arma is much more open to
    support any insane and crazy ideas of PR developers in terms of
    development tools.


    As a current R-CON for the PR:ArmA mod I can only say "It will be ready when its ready". However, the date of "It being ready" is fast approaching. That is all I can say without violating NDA's. The difference between the PR's is the same for any game. It has things one doesn't, or doesn't have things the other does. To compare the two isn't possible. Both bring great things to the table. I can say though, that without a doubt that PR:ArmA will be some of the most fun alot of us will have had in a long time. It is a very unique and different aspect of ArmA most of us aren't fully aware was even possible.


    Do the Admins plan to take special measures to ensure a
    smooth and orderly integration of the predicted influx of new PR
    players. (Do you think we will experience this sudden increase in our
    ranks, if yes can you elaborate ?)


    We are making plans for integration of PR, as well as the possible influx of players. We are working on setting up server configs and settings as well as bringing on a few admins that are fluent in "PR" to help out. I am certain we will see a swell in numbers as with any new release, but I forsee that evening out and leveling out after the "new" has worn off leaving us with a group (albeit a larger group) of players that are here to stay.


    With the arrival of ARMA PR, are we going to create a separated entity
    (Like BF2 did , you got BF2 forum , then BF2 PR forum. But I'm not sure
    if it's the same leadership or not). Please elaborate.


    This is all still in the works. As it is still under the ArmA banner I will remain the GO unless we find its better to break it up into two different sections. This has been a topic long debated since we found out about PR for the first time. We will continue to look at our options and weigh the community needs and wants in our decision making process. But for now, we are staying together. Probably have dedicated forums, but for the most part together.

    I would like to know what will be the advantages of Arma2PR over the
    present version of Arma2. And will it require an in-house tech to convert ?
    Thank you.


    Well, the advantages are specific modes of play weapons and vehicles that PR has made famous. What PR did to BF2, they are working to do with ArmA. Provide an atmosphere of near simulation military gaming with a focus on teamwork and correct weapons and vehicles. All that will be required is to download and run the PR mod much like we do for ACE. Everything will be streamlined for the TG players to include Yoma PR updates.


    Also, could you describe TG 's relationship with Realitymod
    and give us an update on how it stands currently, and what that may
    mean for us here at TG in the near future ?


    The relationship TG has with the PR folks is one that goes WAAAAY back to before I was even here. It is a long standing friendship that has proven very strong over the years. As far as it helping us, thats a tough one to answer. Sure it helps because the PR devs like to post up here and give us info, but in the end we are the same as some of the other groups PR has had long dealings with. It hasn't given us an edge or an advantage. They treat everyone equal. However, because of our long standing relationship we have, if you will, less paper work to fill out for PR:ArmA if that makes sense.

    Below are some in game videos taken by our members......

    • Barnaby
      Barnaby commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello Gents it's been a while...............
      I now play with an Euro group who are also getting back into arma arrowhead and from reading your sit-rep I'm wondering what the ground rules would be for a group of us to join in with you or be the enemy.
      While most of us have played the arrowhed ace mod before we all have been off trying to play tactically with mw2, BO etc with not much success. In fact most have drifted back to Charlie Oscar 4 and are now starting to get into arma again.

      I'm thinking that the best for us would be to work as a self contained sqd within your team or be the enemy but it would depend on the numbers I suppose.
      I'm suggesting this way because we obviously have played together regularly and communicate in our own way, I think I worried them when I explained how precise your comms are. Of course we would use your ts if that's best so we can quickly interact between sqd leads etc.

      We're expecting to be sqd active about mid April so if you could post here what you think I take it forward.

      Until then another desert, another war, Hind over-head, incomming, take cover go go go.................

      MK. Green Label aka TG. Barnaby

      Sorry if I have posted this incorrectly, please relocate if so.

    • SARGE
      SARGE commented
      Editing a comment
      Good job, John, your article was very informative and to the point. I have already seen other TG members from different Squads coming out to see what is going on over at the ARMA2 tent.

    • Siantis
      Siantis commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh my. Two of my videos!? They were definitely NOT recorded during normal "real" missions, lol.

      Great writeup, and it's great to see Dredge being very open and connected to the community.
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