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TG Ladders And Competition Return!


  • TG Ladders And Competition Return!

    We are pleased to announce to the TG Community the reactivation of the TG Competitions section! What this provides is a platform for Ladder Matches and Tournaments within and outside of Tactical Gamer. We will be hosting competitions for several titles here at TG, and more will be added as are needed or requested.

    This will be mostly player run, I/E player formed teams and team issued challenges. For those familiar with Tactical Warfare League, it is a very similar setup. I will be overall in charge of the Ladder/Competition system as the League Admin and will have “Referee’s” for the different titles to help out as needed. For those interested in being a referee please PM me with a short bio and in your own words explain why you would like to be a referee.

    The competitions will start running as soon as teams sign up and start issuing challenges. So, without any further banter from me, let’s explain some of the rules and SOP’s for our Tactical Gamer League:

    All games are subject to follow the rules as outlined by the GO’s and Admins of that title. This means everything that is in the Rules and SOP’s for that game here at TG, follow through to the TG League. (Things like dolphin diving and exploits.)

    Player’s on the roster must be there prior to accepting or issuing a challenge. In the event a player needs to fill in a notice must be made to the other team and that Ladders Referee explaining the substitution.

    Teams can have as many players as needed but the max allowed to participate will be title dictated (player numbers at bottom)

    If a player is found to be jumping back and forth between teams to aid them in the ladder, that player will be removed from any team he/she was a part of for a period of no less than 3 months, and every match they participated in will be forfeited.

    Referees will be allowed to participate in Ladders they are referees for. However, should a dispute arise about a match involving a referee, the League Admin will handle all investigations. Referees are bound by all the same rules that other players are and will receive no preferential treatment.

    Teams can be formed by team captains and must have at least one (max of 2) officer(s) to stand in should the captain not be present. Captains can only have one team per title under their command, no exceptions! In order for teams to participate in the rounds they must have either the Captain or officer present for the entirety of the match. All Captains and Officers must be registered with their Referee and any changes to the leadership must be submitted to Referees.

    Any rounds played that do not have an officially listed officer will be scored as a loss.

    In House Squads:
    IHS’s are encouraged to participate in the TG League but they must remain open to other players wishing to play with them. Having an IHS tag in front of your name does not make you an exclusive team. Nor is it a means of receiving any preferential treatment. All teams will be treated equal. Should a team be found to only allow in IHS members that team will be removed. It is common sense, but there is always one that will try it.

    Ladder matches are best of 3. The map will be decided by the team that was challenged. Once the map has been picked, all three rounds will occur there. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker map will be selected by the challenging team. Match start time should be decided upon by both Team Captains once the challenge has been accepted. This can be done via PM.

    Each team will be expected to have every player on the appropriate server no less than 15 minutes prior to match start. As always things happen and a little leeway will be given if need be. Should a player fail to show for a match, it is up to the opposing team to either start the match without that player if requested by that player’s team, or postpone till a later date. Once the decision has been made, then it is final. Any disputes about this should be brought up to your referee.

    Warm-Up Rounds:
    Warm-Up rounds are a way for teams to run through the map and make note of any positions or tactics that might be needed to aid in victory. All teams are required to have at least a 10 min warm-up round prior to start. Teams may waive this as long as the team’s officers are in agreement. Once the warm-up round is over a Live On Restart or “LOR” must be issued in a global chat that can be seen by every player. This is non-negotiable! Teams may be forced to forfeit that round if an LOR is not issued. LOR’s are the responsibility of both team’s officers.

    Match Disputes:
    Once a match has started, it is understood that both teams agree to the terms of the match; time, map, players, etc. If there is any disagreement after the match has ended, the dispute will be thrown out. If you don’t agree with the terms, then don’t start the round.
    If during the course of the match teams find any evidence of cheating, exploiting, or failing to follow the SOP’s and Rules of that title as outlined by Tactical Gamer; then a dispute can be made.

    Disputes can only be made by Team Captains or Officers. Once a dispute has been made by informing the appropriate referee, the other team will be notified as well as the League Admin. During this time team’s need to gather screenshots or demo recordings (if applicable) to be submitted to their referee. After these are submitted the Referees and League Admin will go over everything presented as well as talk to the Captains/Officers of both teams. Once a decision has been made, the decision is final! If the Referees and League Admin find a team guilty of breaking Rules/SOP’s they are subject to the following:

    1st Offence – Forfeiture Of Entire Match

    2nd Offence – Forfeiture Of Entire Match, And A One Week Probationary Period In Which No One From That Team Can Compete In Any Match (per title).

    3rd Offence – Forfeiture Of Entire Match, And Permanent Removal From The Ladder.

    Ladder Time Lines:
    Ladders will run for 3 months at a time, although this time will change as needed based on the total number of teams. At the end of the ladder, the team in first place will be declared the winner. After that, there will be a one to two week reset period for each ladder to allow teams the chance to manage rosters and do whatever else they deem necessary. Once the rest period is over, the Ladder will start up again with all teams standings set back to the default.

    Competitions and Tournaments:
    These will be setup on a smaller scale and run not as often as ladders. Tourneys will be played as single elimination matches with winning teams advancing and losing teams being eliminated. Tournaments will follow all the same rules and procedures that ladder matches do. Separate teams will need to be formed for Tournaments; however teams can have Captains that are Team Captains in that titles Ladder matches.

    Tactical Gamer League Team Numbers

    Ladders: Tournaments:
    ArmA 2 – 5 v 5 ArmA 2 – 3 v 3
    BC2 – 6 v 6 BC2 – 4 v 4
    CoD – 6 v 6 CoD – 4 v 4
    PR - 6 v 6 PR - 5 v 5
    BF2 – 6 v 6 BF2 – 4 v 4
    CS – 5 v 5 CS – 3 v 3
    2142 – 6 v 6 2142 – 4 v 4
    GRAW – 4 v 4 GRAW – 4 v 4

    I know it’s a bit much to glance over, and more will be added as needed. I encourage everyone to participate in the TG League. It is a new aspect of Tactical Gaming that most haven’t tried before. Anyone can join regardless of being an SM or Non-SM. It is my goal to have recurring ladders and competitions and possibly even a rewards system for winning teams.

    As time progresses we will expand more on the League itself and add in more stuff for Tournaments outside of TG, but for now we are focusing a little closer to home.

    I would also like to ask for any and all help from the specific titles admin teams and Game Officer to insure that this goes smoothly and is an enjoyable experience for all. If any have questions, please feel free to PM me.

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      Voodoo, team captains have complete control of their teams. Players have to apply an it's on you to accept or decline. So no one will be on your team unless you want them there.

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    In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get a hold of the admin team in the Contact An Admin forum.

    Look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield!
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