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Week In Review - July


  • Week In Review - July 12th

    My fellow gamers, it's that time again! Yes, its a bit late this week, but when you get a flood (not the information variety, the aqueous kind), it doesnt bode well for having computers IN it. So, for your late edition of TG's Week in Review, you have my humblest apologies.

    Enough about that, you guys and gals want the goods! We, at the Content Development Team, have tapped out super secret spy resources (a.k.a. The Internets) and brought you a flood of your own (this one IS of the information variety)! This week we've got plenty of TG news, game previews and even some hardware specs to make you drool. So set your brains to "overload" and let's get started!

    Thats right guys, you've all seen the threads around the forums. We have some well deserved promotions for some very distinguished characters that have taken place recently.

    For starters, TG has a new addition to the Site Administration, WhiskeySix! Now, for any of you who dont know Whiskey (which you SHOULD), he's been at TG for a VERY long time, has an exemplary administrative record over several different titles, and is one of the most respected members of our community. He'll be the one doing Apophis's bidding from now on, so make sure you stay on his good side (he likes snacks, try bribing him...kidding, guys, kidding). On the level and all jokes aside, we wish him the best of luck. Managing an ever growing community is a very tough job, but we all have faith that he'll pull it off in first class fashion.

    Next up on the list, we have a new Game Officer AND Executive Officer for Project Reality! Everyone give a hearty congrats to Wickens (who has since shortened his forum name to Wicks, apparently because most of us are too lazy to use his original name) as GO and to Bullseye as his XO! These guys are leading an admin team for one of TG's most active and populated titles, so they've got a lot on their plate. Join me in wishing them good luck!

    In the ArmA side of the house, we have Socomseal picking up the position of Executive Officer. Socomseal is another one of our community members who has a long and distinguished record of service, especially where ArmA is concerned. ArmA is a very intense part of the community who take simulation to new heights and run extremely intricate missions for those so inclined, but also have a superb knack for bringing in new members and teaching them to play the TG way. We wish Socomseal nothing but the best in his new position as Dredge's "right hand man".

    On the new title front, Damonte has stepped up as Game Officer for the upcoming Red Orchestra 2, which was featured in last week's Week In Review. Damonte is a long time TG member who has served as an admin for several titles, as well as Game Officer for Battlefield 2142 before the title was retired a few months ago. He's putting together a crack admin team in what looks to be one of the fall's hottest titles at TG. I highly recommend stopping by the RO2 forum and seeing what the frenzy is all about. Best of luck to Damonte!

    Lastly, not so much for promotions, but more for a restructuring: the Content Development Team, while still headed by Warlab, is now split into two groups who are always working very closely together to bring you the best in content. The Hardware side of the house is now being headed by none other than Acreo Aeneas, and yours truly is wrangling the software. The separation is more so we can better handle the workload (which is increasing dramatically with so many titles and hardware products coming out this year) than anything else, and we're still open for business.

    Firefall - June Developer Blog

    The June Dev Blog for Firefall has finally droped and in it Red 5 Studios' CEO Mark Kern talks to us about the back story of Firefall and its importance in the game. Mr. Kern also goes into detail about some of the characters that will influence the story throughout the game. The biggest, juiciest, most awesome little nugget of info, is the announcement that Red 5 Studios has teamed up with legendary SciFi Author Orson Scott Card. For those not in the know Mr. Card is the author of the award winning novel, Enders Game. Mr. Card is working with Red 5 to further develop and flesh out the story for Firefall. Also Mr. Card and his daughter, Emily Janice Card, a successful author on her own, are working on a manga comic for Firefall that will release online and be free to the public. So if your interested click on the link and view the blog for your self.
    Credit For The Article: johnflenaly

    For those of you who dont know what Firefall is yet, it's a persistent-world MMOFPS/TPS (thats right guys, you're going to be able to use either first person OR thrid person mode, which you can toggle at will in-game) set in the distant future when a cataclysm befalls Earth and the remnants of the human race are left to fend off unending hordes of creatures too gruesome and vicious to describe. For more information, check out

    AMD's "Bulldozer" Line Shows Its Horsepower

    TechReport Reviews A8-3850 Fusion APU

    Before we get all exciting and think "Bulldozer's here!", it's not. In fact, this is the mobile "Llano" platform on the desktop. The only real differences here are the new FM1 905 pin PGA socket and the higher TDPs of 100W and 65W. A slightly more in-depth breakdown: the 100W chips have a traditional high effective clock speed, while the 65W chips have AMD's Turbo Core (similar in vain to Intel's Turbo Boost). And like one would expect from a mobile-oriented chip, the A8s and A6s perform right in-between the current Phenom II X4s and the Athlon II X2/X3/X4s. Ironically, it's priced higher than both of these lines of chips, but offers one redeeming quality: it has a integrated graphics system (much like Intel's Sandy Bridge chips).

    Without giving away the performance numbers, go on over and read the article for a complete set of details and numbers. For those wondering when we'll see the Bulldozer lineup of desktop chips, expect to wait another few months, according to a AMD spokesman at E3.

    The two 100W chips are currently available at Tiger Direct.

    As an added bonus:
    Early benchmarks of AMD 8-core Bulldozer Chip
    From the looks of it, the upcoming Buldozer lineup could easily surpass Intel's i7 Sandy Bridge chips while costing roughly the same or cheaper. It's estimated that Bulldozer will be 50% faster than the current Phenom II X6s.
    Credit For The Article: Acreo Aeneas

    Stronghold 3 Preview
    From Kotaku:
    2001 castle game Stronghold pushed proper building front-in-centre in a strategy game, with the emphasis being on designing, erecting and expanding a stone fortress that could both sustain its own economy and fend off invading armies, rather than on prefab insta-buildings that spawned magic soldiers. However, the sequel opted to go for masses of over-complication–-nobly so, but feature creep is feature creep. An example the devs note is how petty crime cropped up within your settlement almost right away, which required you to build a guardhouse to protect against more of it, a dungeon to house captured crims in, a court to trial them in, a torture chamber to rehabilitate them in… All told, a whole lot of fussy micro-management that kept you distracted from building a bloody great castle and winning a war.

    Stronghold 3, then, aims to take the best of both games, striving for a back to basics approach with the best features of 2 retained alongside new elements which genuinely add to the whole affair rather than just add busywork. Features like using sacks of diseased badgers as a weapon.

    Features like a fog of war that actually makes some kind of logical sense. In the daytime, you can see pretty much whatever's going on, but the thing about night-time is… well, it's dark, right? Really, really dark. If you don't have some lights out there, you're not going to be able to see much...

    For more on Stronghold 3, go check out the review at!
    Credit For The Article: Jeepo

    Also, be sure to check out johnflenaly's awesome article on Planetside 2, the long awaited sequel to the legendary MMO Planetside, and be on the lookout for DamionRayne's article on EVE Online's new expansion, Incarna, to be on the front page later this week!

    Hope you guys enjoyed this week's round of Week In Review! As always, your Content Development Team is looking for the latest and greatest in tech and gaming news, so be it hardware or software related, if you've got something you'd like to see us cover, drop us some juicy hints in the Submit Content forum, or simply write an article yourself and submit it to us! You never know, YOU could be on the front page tomorrow!

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