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The future of Gaming, showcasing the Outerra and Spaceengine platforms.


  • The future of Gaming, showcasing the Outerra and Spaceengine platforms.

    Greetings TG'ers, Damion Rayne here with a quick and juicy little article for you showcasing some of today's up and coming engines. Have you ever wanted to see an Engine capable of rendering entire planets? Ever wanted to see one that could render entire galaxies on the fly? Well want no more gamers, as that technology is here and getting better by the day. Lets first start with SE or Spaceengine. Below is a video showcasing SE in action, watch and be amazed...

    As you can see SE's capabilities are huge! The possibilities are enormous for gaming as whole and it still has a lot of potential and ground to cover. Below is a quoted list of capabilites direct from SE's website located here:
    All types of celestial objects are represented: planets, moons, asteroids, stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
    The observer is free to move around the universe. Transition between any celestial body and any scale occurs continuously.
    The observer can move around in space using the WASD keys, like in First Person Shooters. Movement with inertia is made possible in Spacecraft mode or Aircraft mode.
    "Select and fly" autopilot: just click on any object with the mouse and hit the 'G' key to automatically go directly to the object.
    Search for celestial objects by name. View planetary system maps. Save locations and an autopilot's journal.
    The orbital motion of planets and stars is calculated in real time, with the ability to accelerate, decelerate, or reverse the flow of time.
    The orbital paths of celestial objects can be shown, along with their labels and grids.
    Automatic binding of the observer to the moving object and automatic selection of optimum flight speed.
    Known celestial objects are represented using data from the catalogs: galaxies (NGC/IC), stars (HIPPARCOS), star clusters, nebulae, planets (our Solar system data and known extrasolar planets).
    Uncharted regions of space feature procedurally generated objects: stars, star clusters, nebulae and planetary systems.
    3D landscapes of planets and stars: for many solar system bodies actual data from space probes is used. For uncharted exo-planets the surface is generated procedurally.
    Volumetric 3D sprite models of galaxies and nebulae including light-absorbing dust clouds, optimized render to a skybox and impostors.
    Lighting effects: lens flares, solar eclipses, shadows of planetary rings. Celestial objects cast light and shadow on to each other.
    The exact model of the Earth's atmosphere (code by Eric Bruneton), adapted for the other planets.
    Ability to import users addons: models, catalogs, and textures.
    This will allow space based gaming and even simulators to enter a whole new era. Not to mention even massive online multi-player gaming as well, I'd suggest following this engine as I am.

    Below is a quick showcase for the second engine, Outerra.

    Outerra is still in early closed alpha state testing at the moment, but supports full flight and vehicle physics simulations and even ocean simulation as well as showcased by this video,

    Both of these engines stand to change gaming in all it's many and varied forms for ever and I stand up and support these ambitious projects with fervor and zeal. The gaming community as a whole needs to see these engines, see the beauty and the majesty of what they are currently capable of even in alpha states. I for one know I intend to shell out money for support and even buy these engines to work on my own projects. So for now all I can say is that I'll be watching, and waiting.

    Damion Rayne

    • Beinseth
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      As a former Eve player, this would be awesome to see in an Eve like game. Now if Eve could figure out a way to smoothly transition from space to terra based gaming.

    • DeF
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      Re: Article: The future of Gaming, showcasing the Outerra and Spaceengine platforms.

      Originally posted by Beinseth
      As a former Eve player, this would be awesome to see in an Eve like game. Now if Eve could figure out a way to smoothly transition from space to terra based gaming.
      Although this may not be happening soon CCP is at least trying to keep alive the Dust514 project which would give that aspect. It doesn't mean you would be stepping out of your spaceship to fit on the PC but you would be helping your soldier counterparts.

      EVE is engineered in such a way that it promotes pure play as everything important is done serverside. Their cluster is one of 10 biggest in the world and is about a hundred million dollar investment. The upkeep alone is several million dollars each year and is rising every day. Even now they are just a few steps ahead of the load in some areas which is good but I don't think they are quite ready or even that the technology is available to bring this type of gameplay into the EVE fold.

      On the single player level this would be interesting to see in game like the X series or dare I say Star Trek (probably not).

    • Xen
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      I would also point out the I-Novae engine. May very well be the most comprehensive space game engine out there.

      View the pre alpha Tech demo and make up your own mind.

      (I will say this, it has a procedurally generated Galaxy of over a billion star's. You could not fly to them all in your lifetime...)
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