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Two New Multi-Mission Events for ArmA2


  • Two New Multi-Mission Events for ArmA2



    How would you like to play a mission series where the choices you make this week affect the mission you will play next week? That is exactly what the mission makers for our two new ArmA2 events are planning for. You read that right....two new and distinct multi-mission events are being rolled out next month! These missions are designed to be of the essence of the Tactical Gamer experience. Realistic game play and solid team work will be required to complete these missions. There will be consequences to the choices & actions you take that will appear in later missions so the immersion will be fantastic.

    We have already been running familiarization courses for the ACE/ACRE mods, Basic Infantry, Close Air Support and more are planned. Get on the Armed Assault forum & find the next training session.

    Operation Deep Dagger by Sector will take place in Takistan and have the Russians combining forces with the Takistani Army. They have begun to terrorize the population and intend to seize control of the oil resources of the entire region. Don't sit idle, join the team & put a stop to their bloody horror.

    Operation Idyllic Autumn by |TG-Irr| J.B. will be on Cherarus and has the Russians again but this time they have begun an invasion in the north and have seized the airfield near Krastnostav.

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