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Project Reality: ArmA2 v0.15 - Closed Beta Testing Event


  • Project Reality: ArmA2 v0.15 - Closed Beta Testing Event

    Help test the next release of PR!
    On behalf of the Project Reality development team and the Tactical Gamer administration we are pleased to announce that the next release of Project Reality ArmA2 is coming out very soon! As such, to assist the development team in checking gameplay with a large number of players and also to highlight any bugs and issues that may have been missed in internal testing we will be hosting a pre-release closed beta testing event on the Tactical Gamer PR:Arma Server! The test will be starting at 19:00 GMT on Friday 10th February, and running through to 06:00 GMT on Monday 13th February. The server will be passworded for the duration of the testing event, the password will be communicated later here, and on the Project Reality forums.

    Later in the week the development team will release a special build of the mod for this event, this will not be final build and will not be useable after the event. The files will be available soon and will be announced both on the TG and PR forums. The download will be provided in 7z format and will contain installation instructions.

    We would like to invite everyone to come and help apply the final bit of polish to the latest build of the mod, not only that but there will be a larger admin presence so I am sure of many great games! However, please remember this is a testing event so, as usual, please comply with the requests of the admin's and developers. This is a great chance for a weekend of PR: ArmA2 v0.15 fun!

    Please keep an eye on TG PR:A2 forums and the PR forums for more updates on this event, and spread the word around! :)

    We look forward to seeing you all.

    For more information please see the event thread on the TG forums.

    • DeF
      DeF commented
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      Been waiting for this.

    • PaintScratcher
      PaintScratcher commented
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      Event extended until further notice! Thanks to everyone that has turned up!

      See the PR:A2 forums for more info. :)

    • PeanutButterWolf
      PeanutButterWolf commented
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      It's awesome!
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