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    What is Dust 514 you might ask? For those of you that have not seen my earlier articles or been keeping up with forum posts, Dust 514 is a Free to Play MMOFPS that is launching on the Playstation 3 exclusively at the end of the year. Dust 514 is set in the Eve Online Universe and the tag line "One Universe One War" really holds true. Let's just jump right on in shall we? Below is the Dust 514 Keynote from this years Fanfest in Iceland. The keynote is over 30 minuets long, but I promise you there's a lot of really really cool stuff to see.

    There are tons and tons of points to take away from the Keynote, and other videos and pieces of information on the web now about Dust 514 and it's link to Eve Online and all it's features. So let's go over a few shall we?

    Same Skill System as Eve Online with a Twist
    Dust 514 will have the same "passive" skill training system that Eve Online players are used to, with a small twist. Active gameplay awards skill points to be spent on learning new skills with in Dust 514. This means that as a Dust Marine you'll be able to train new weapons, vehicles, armor and the like with out even playing, but train faster when you do play. Dust 514 launches with 7 years of total skill training time to get all skills at launch to level 5. Skills will affect stats on weapons, vehicles, and more.

    PvE and E-sports Support
    Dust will offer your standard "survive the zombie horde" style non-pvp play, but with an Eve Online flare. Players will engage "Rogue Drones" or rogue AI that are bent on universal destruction and have been a sever thorn in the side of Eve Pilots since 2003. Dust will also offer full blow, live, E-Sports support in the style of "Gladiator Arena" combat. Eve Online players as well as Dust Players will be able to watch these matches in real time, and bet in-game currency and items on the matches.

    What's the point?
    The point is simply this, Dust 514 and Eve Online are now truly entering an Area where games are really showing what a single, large, persistent world can offer. Dust Marines will be fighting for territory on planets that Eve Online players will want, and for resources they'll need. Dust marines will be able to accept contracts given by Eve Online Players, and it's not small leap of logic, to think the "best of the best" will be worth a rather hefty cost to get the job done.


    That right there ladies and gentlemen is the current model for a "Gallente HAV" or Heavy Attack Vehicle. Vehicles will play a huge part in Dust gameplay, as just like in eve online, these vehicles can be modified and have slots that allow you to change the weapons, armor, shields, speed and more. No two tanks will be the same. Also, vehicles are "Physical" assets in that, when you deploy one in the battlefield? It's brought to you by a RDV or "Rapid Deployment Vehicle." Meaning that battle assets lost on the battlefield, cost money to replace. This is huge for this type of warfare.


    Welcome to a shooter that lets you pick weapons based on race, and flavor. Want a laser rifle or a blaster rifle? You get to pick and then you get to modify it to fit YOUR style of gameplay and the skill system lets you choose a Role and specialty and become good at that.

    Map Size
    So, map size..big deal right? Right. The map shown in the demon was 5km wide..the largest maps will be close to 50km wide. Just figured I'd put that out there.

    Become the Soldier you want to be.

    The Team Game
    When you enter a match, your commander will be sitting in the "MCC" or Mobile Command Center, pictured below. Think of it like a Titan from BF2142, your Commander will control it, be in it, and he or she will be the one to "Commit" assets to the field. Loosing your MCC looses the match. There is a chain of command, there is build in VoIP, there is a commander and a full 3d real time top down map view. There are squad leaders, and assets deployed on the field are assets that take money to buy and are lost when they are destroyed and take money to replace. Working as a real, team, is going to be more important than you know.


    Is this a game for us? Is this a game for TG despite being on the PS3? Oh you bet I believe it is. We can truly shine here, with our skills, and our teamwork, we can shine and show the Eve Universe TG is a force to be reckoned with. I hope to see many a TG'er in Dust 514 when it launches. So that's it for now ladies and gentle men, stay tuned for updates as more information about this ground break MMOFPS come. So, thanks for reading, watching, and viewing and I'll bring you mroe as it comes out.

    Damion Rayne

    • Rygaku
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      well i can support ground troops with my megathron >:D.

    • experiment626
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      If this DOES release for PC, I will be very interested!

    • brain21
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      Hnghhh, I want this. If only if came out on PC...
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