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ArmA2 Players Dying for ArmA3 Get Dug Up By DayZ


  • ArmA2 Players Dying for ArmA3 Get Dug Up By DayZ

    What an explosive couple of weeks we’ve had on our vanilla ALPHA server that runs ArmA2 Combined Operations. We’ve been running Domination switching to custom missions to bring in new blood & it’s been populated 24 hours a day since then & very often full at 30 players. We are getting a lot of players who are wondering about this ArmA game they bought in order to access DayZ. We've been hearing they have really enjoyed the multiplayer experience of this mil-sim game.

    I think there may also be a lot of DayZ players that have seen a few of the vehicles & items from the ArmA armoury that have peaked their interest. |TG-42nd| Wicks (our Community Manager) was talking to me the other day about running some missions that are quick to contact. Missions where players can jump in fast & try some of the amazing gear available from Apache helocopters to Abram tanks & glocks to mk19 grenade launchers. Sounds like a blast. Trust me, the first time you have an A10 Warthog come barreling in guns blazing when you are about to be swarmed by infantry & APC's, it's a sight & sound you won't forget.

    Beyond the ongoing mission development for Alpha, password days are coming back so register up as the teamwork on these events is something you don’t want to miss. Comments like "This is exactly what I was looking for in how to play this game." are common on our Alpha server. We’ve had quite a few new folks registering on the forums & joining us on TeamSpeak & I’m getting asked, “What is the process for wearing |TG| tags?”, often times a day. This is a welcome change & a lesson learned for me as the game officer. With the release of the latest 1.62 patch most ArmA2 players are back using the same version of the game. We will not become incompatible with the latest full release patch in the future as happened after 1.60 had been released.

    The spill over effect to our BRAVO server that runs ACE/ACRE has already begun as well. The players that yearn for even more coordinated teamwork with mature gamers generally find a bit of refuge on top of the loads of equipment, maps, features & models that are available on BRAVO. I couldn’t even begin to list the massive array of weapons that become available with ACE. ACRE is simulating real world radio communications that are affected by hills & distance. You must learn how to use modeled real world radios both short & long range. The immersion is superb. But best of all, we have some incredible mission makers in house creating a steady stream of new content every week. We have scripting gurus working on custom content for mission makers like |TG-31st| BlackPython. He is even working on a Shot Finder mod that works like real world gear to identify the direction incoming fire is coming from.

    Apache down in Fallujah.

    Tactical Gamer University (TGU) is firing up for the new school year & may even get a head start in August if all goes well. Our executive officer, |TG-Irr| LowSpeedHighDrag, is leading up an overhaul of the TGU content & experience. There are so many different roles to play in this sandbox game. It’s a lot of fun learning how to play them & there is always more to do. When your whole mission team is working like clockwork it is a rush indeed. TGU helps make this experience all the more rich.

    The front lines of any server are those who take charge on any mission. We love having new leaders at TacticalGamer. Sometimes we need to help leaders up their skill set because the decisions, actions & attitude of those at the helm are what determines how much enjoyment the majority get from the game. This is where the Pathfinders come in. This is a group of tried & true leaders whose mission is to help the community develop up & coming leaders who can make quick & better decisions. These players help promote the TG way of respect, real world tactics, camaraderie & fun along the way.

    Now, I know you started reading this wondering about how we’re going with ArmA3 & now you’re wondering if I’m ever going to get around to it. Well, I could tell you much more about what is going on with ArmA2 yet.

    How about a mission series where you sign up to play one character? You are going to be the same soldier every time we play a mission in this series. As a matter of fact you are going to go through pre-deployment training as a real unit would as part of the series. If you are going to be a driver you are going to go through the gears of convoy operations before the misson. If you are going to be a forward observer you will be well versed in how to call in air strikes by the time your deployed. Can you imagine the immersion you will feel when get to mission day as you are confident in your entire team? Well don’t think that our man |TG-Irr| Ratatomik has stopped there. He is also going to be able to add baddies on the fly. Your unit will have to be ready for anything. There will be no running around the perimeter of the mission area to avoid contact….no sitting on guard for an hour in complete traquility. As a matter of fact, the logistics of setting up forward outposts & such may be part of your tasks. If you make the wrong choices you will learn those lessons when the lead is in the air.

    Did I mention Team vs Team events? Wow, do we ever have some great TvT mission creation going on. Having a nice social coop mission is great but when you spice it up with some real thinking folks who can see your plan & raise you another in response…that’s when you get on the edge of your seat. We even have a TvT event coming up soon organized by Sector. We just had one against a well trained adversary in another community that was a lot of fun. Whats more, it's exciting that we're going to continue this match up in future events.

    BAF soldiers man a checkpoint in Lingor.

    I’m so tired from typing all this stuff I don’t know if I can continue on to ArmA3. Really so far I’ve told you only SOME of the things we have in store to keep our ArmA house growing with Arma2. Our plan is to get into ArmA3 & come out the starting gate in a full gallop. Whether or not there are options we might seize before full release it's far to early to speculate. There is going to be an Alpha release of ArmA3 after Gamcom 2012 according to the BIS forums. This Alpha may give the admin team a chance to preview what we will be working with. While we haven’t had a chance to look at the game yet, we have gotten our servers on a new box with more than enough resources to handle anything we can throw at it. Mission development is expected to explode. Community population is as well. We are building bigger “stables” to house it all.

    I know we’ll be seeing lots of old familiar faces coming back in the months ahead along with a bunch of new folks as well. Come along anytime & we’ll help smooth out any bumps to get your configuration ready for Alpha, Bravo or the events as they role by. Visit our forums & say hello.

    |TG-189th| Unkl
    ArmA Game Officer,

    Credits: |TG-Irr| Bolagnaise, |TG-16th| Def & |TG| AdeptAbyss in order for screenshots

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      Sounds good. I'm relatively new to TG. I met them through a Planetside 2 beta attack. The best guys I've ever rolled with! To say another thing about ArmA II: I'm one of those who bought it for DayZ, and would like some help getting into the actual multiplayer though, and I find the base game fun enough!!!

    • bad blood
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      Flashpoint was good, AmrA II IS great And 3 well upgrated and waiting

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      Re: Article: ArmA2 Players Dying for ArmA3 Get Dug Up By DayZ

      Originally posted by Mcsquizzy
      Sounds good. I'm relatively new to TG. I met them through a Planetside 2 beta attack. The best guys I've ever rolled with! To say another thing about ArmA II: I'm one of those who bought it for DayZ, and would like some help getting into the actual multiplayer though, and I find the base game fun enough!!!
      hey dude im realy new to dayz to did u want to have a game i know u sent this a while ago but i dont know anyone else who know dayz so i would like someone to help with in dayz please
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