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Getting ready for Battlefield 3: Armored Kill


  • Getting Ready For Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

    June brought us the second Expansion Pack of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters where the focus is on fast paced infantry combat with tight tactical squad play. With smaller spaces and a vertical layout, Close Quarters offered fast-moving up close and personal tactical teamwork. But the next Expansion Pack for Battlefield 3 promises something very different.

    Armored Kill, the 3rd Expansion Pack for Battlefield 3 is bringing large battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault. Armored Kill features several new vehicles such as tanks, mobile artillery, tank destroyers, ATVs and an AC-130 gunship. It also includes the biggest map in Battlefield history as well as a new game mode: Tank Superiority.

    Armored Kill

    In Tank Superiority the objective is to control a single flag, guaranteeing fierce combat between between main battle tanks, gunships, and tank destroyers. Groups of armor working together will seek to to engage and destroy the enemy as engineers scramble to keep their team alive.

    The Expansion Pack will include a total of four maps and multiple game modes for each, the four new maps are:

    Alborz Mountain
    Adjacent to Damavand Peak is the snow covered Alborz Mountain.

    Bandar Desert
    The largest map in Battlefield with a AC-130 gunship circling overhead!

    Armored Shield
    Armored shield is a summer time map set in a large field on the outskirts of Sanoy, Russia.

    Death Valley
    Bringing night time combat in a mountain setting.

    Release Date
    Armored Kill is scheduled for a September 11 release for Premium Members, with the standalone Expansion Pack being released two weeks later. Tactical Gamer will support Armored Kill on day one and you expect to see the new maps in a variety of game modes on our servers shortly after launch.

    September 11 will also bring Battlefield Premium Edition which will include the base game, a Premium Membership with all Expansion Packs, and a multi-player welcome kit which unlocks several weapons and vehicle upgrades. The bundle priced at $69.99 provides great value for anyone who hasn't yet taken the leap into BF3 and wants to have all the Expansion Packs available to them.

    BF3 at Tactical Gamer
    Tactical Gamer is the premiere online gaming community for mature gamers of all ages where teamwork is required and there's no tolerance for abusive conduct. For years our Battlefield community has been known for its high quality squad leaders, strategy, tactics, team play, and fun!

    Teamspeak is used extensively to coordinate movements in game and players are encouraged to join our TeamSpeak server at TS.TacticalGamer.Com:9988 while playing BF3. We use TeamSync squad-VOIP which automatically places BF3 players in the correct TeamSpeak channel.

    For all the information needed to get started playing BF3 at Tactical Gamer, visit the BF3 forum and say hello!

    Hope to see you on the Battlefield, and bring a wrench! (Dibs on the mobile artillery)

    BF3 Game Officer

    • DaddyOfThree
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      Looks very cool...

    • E-Male
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      Can't wait!

    • *=BW=Markdh1
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      My Platoon is loving it! Our server has been FULL every since I loaded the maps in.
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