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Planetside 2 - Join the fight for Auraxis!


  • Planetside 2 - Join the fight for Auraxis!

    Planetside 2 features action that ranges from massive operations, employing a mix of infantry, armor and aircraft all the way to a small infantry recon squad on an ATV and everything in between. There's something for everyone, whether you're a pilot, ground pounder or tank driver. The game is built around teamwork and does a nice job of rewarding players for their supporting actions. The title is free-to-play and the developer, Sony Online Entertainment, has been providing great support and is adding more playable areas, a recent addition being a virtual training arena.

    Tactical Gamer operates a Planetside 2, New Conglomerate outfit on the Mattherson server. We take full advantage of the game's working VOIP and also use the TG Teamspeak server, particularly when organizing multiple platoons. It is not uncommon, on a Friday or Saturday night, to have upwards of 60 TG PS2 outfit members online at a time, running in multiple platoons, fighting in support of the same objective or area of operations. It's a sight to see.

    To give you an idea of how much folks enjoy running with the TG PS2 outfit, check out some of our members' comments:

    ...I just wanted to say what a blast it is playing on the [TG] team. We had a battle today with 3 squads capturing, defending, losing and re-capturing a outpost and it was epic. Having been on a specop team in the military all I can say was that it reminded me of the adrenaline rush of the days of old. The cohesion of the squads, the flanking maneuvers, the assortment of skills from sniping to heavies all coming together in one huge whoop butt arena was inspiring and joy to behold...

    ...I started to play Planside 2 not long ago, one night I was lucky to get into one of the TG squads led by Randy, since then I started to enjoy the game much more. I enjoy good leadership and respect for the player, and you guys know how to do it!

    ...I just started playing PS2 a few days ago and have been having a great time as part of a few different TG squads. Its good to see the typical TG professionalism and teamwork in full force on another game. Ive played with TG in CS:S and BF3 and there is truly nothing better than knowing that a good group of people has your back on any battlefield. Glad to be with you and hope to get to know more of you!

    ...I recently played with some tacticalgamer players on Indar. It was the most fun I have had on PS2 it was great to be part or an organized platoon and the 2 hour battle for a tech plant was just amazing....

    ...I found TG on PS2 about 2 weeks after I started to play. Just joined a random squad that happened to be a TG Platoon. I really liked the discipline, teamwork, and cooperation I found...

    ...I'm one of the old Counter-strike Source guys...I've also played some Arma, BF2 and a few other games here and there. I'm looking forward to playing an FPS in a massive setting. Lots of potential for strategy, lots of potential for fun.

    ...I know there's only one group that plays it the way I like it...I'm pumped to get in on the squad and platoon leading action...

    ... I've been playing the Battlefield series of games for years (BF2, 2142, 3, and soon 4). Someone tipped me off that PS2 was a great game, so I checked it out and found you guys. So far loving the outfit, I've been telling other people about it as I get the opportunity...

    ...I'm a member of the US Army so TG clicks with my mindset. Been gaming my whole life and my favorite gaming groups were those that played the game in a realistic manner, and the 2 times i ran with TG is all it took to show me this is another one of those groups. good people, good tactics, and a good time to be had by all. Count me in TG.

    If you're interested in trying PS2, visit so you can register and download the client. It is free-to-play. To be able to play with the fine folks from the Tactical Gamer outfit, you'll need to join the New Conglomerate faction and the Mattherson server when you create your character. You can find our outfit info, as well as instructions on how to join, here and links to the TG Planetside 2 forums are here.

    See you on Auraxis!

    • Gill
      Gill commented
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      I'd be all over this if I were not having performance issues with the game.

      Not sure what happened in between June and September that made the game tank so badly. Whatever they did, it's put a GIGANTIC load upon your processor. I used to flip-flop between CPU and GPU bottlenecking; now I'm CPU-bottlenecked all the time.

      Big battles drop to 15 fps average, with frequent nosedives into 5 frames per second. Completely unplayable.

      I'm eagerly awaiting the optimization update... whenever it's finished.

    • Randy_Shughart_ClwFL
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      You should try again, the recent Operation: Make Faster Game optimizations have made dramatic improvements for many people.

    • E-Male
      E-Male commented
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      Re: Article: Planetside 2 - Join the fight for Auraxis!

      I was getting frame rates over 60 last night -- much improved!
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