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A Resurgence of Red Orchestra 2 at TG


  • A Resurgence of Red Orchestra 2 at TG

    Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm: About the Game
    Red Orchestra 2 is a realistic team based shooter set on the Eastern front during World War Two. It features a host of weapons, from sub machine guns, to AT rifles. The fighting portrayed in the game is often savage, with a mix of brutal urban combat, and long range fighting. The game features maps ranging from the streets of Stalingrad, to large open fields. This means that no one weapon is dominant in all situations, thus creating a balance. Beyond infantry, many Red Orchestra maps feature combined arms play, by offering players the opportunity to use tanks. The tanks are very well articulated, and are most effective when more than one player is operating it. The tanks differ from Battlefield's, as the driver is not the gunner, two separate crewman are required to drive and to gun.

    Rising Storm is an expansion to Red Orchestra, and must be purchased separately. The same core game play featured by Red Orchestra 2 is present in Rising Storm. The difference being that in Rising Storm, the battles take place in the Pacific Theatre, featuring the United States Marine Corps. versus the Japanese. Additionally, the game play dynamics are changed somewhat, as the US gets semi automatic and fully automatic weapons. And the Japanese get primarily bolt action rifles. While that sounds imbalanced, the developers carefully balanced the game to be fair for both sides, each has their own advantage and disadvantages. The Developers also introduced new speciality weapons to replace the AT rifle. The US gets a flamethrower, and the Japanese get a knee mortar, both of which add a new dynamic to gameplay, and are quite fun to play with. The only downside to Rising Storm, is that it is infantry only. However, the expansion is still very fun, and adds so much. The best part is, that Red Orchestra 2 servers can play both expansion and base game seamlessly, without causing any issues.

    Both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm feature 64 player carnage, something that many current games lack.

    About Teamwork
    In both RO2 and RS, there are squad leaders, and commanders.

    The Squad Leader has 3 responsibilities
    1. Throw smoke to cover advancing troops
    2. Mark artillery targets for commanders
    3. To provide a mobile spawn point for their squad

    The Commander also has 3 responsibilities
    1. To deploy reconnaissance aircraft and interpret data received. This can include finding weak points in the enemy line, as well as deciding where the largest enemy concentration is for artillery bombardment.
    2. To decide where to deploy artillery, and what kind of artillery should be used (Mortars, howitzers, or rocket/naval)
    3. To tell squads/squad leaders where to focus their attacks or defence.

    Beyond the leadership roles, the game features working in game voice communication, which allows leaders to talk to the whole team, as well as just their squad. The squad mechanic works similar to Battlefield 2s, in that squad members are given the opportunity to spawn on their squad leader, which aids in keeping squads together.

    Tactical Gamer's plans for the game
    Tactical Gamer had a server for Red Orchestra 2 when it first released. Unfortunately, the initial release of the game was plagued by bugs. As such, interest in RO2 waned and TG was forced to shut down its servers. Many patches later, the game is now stable and polished. Tactical Gamer is hoping to organize some Red Orchestra pub raid nights in the near future. If there turns out to be a lot of interest in RO2, TG may one day host a server again.

    What you need to play
    You need a copy of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, and a copy of Rising Storm. Both of which can be acquired through Steam.

    If you enjoy games like ArmA3, Insurgency, or Project Reality, you will enjoy this game. While RO2 may be a bit older, it has aged with beauty, and is inexpensive to pick up. Hope to see you all in game! If you're looking to catch a round make sure to hit me up in Teamspeak. I'm hoping to coordinate some games in Teamspeak.

    A poll has been created in the forum regarding what day to hold a pub raid. It can be found here.

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