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ArmA 3 - Exciting Times and the Island Campaign


  • ArmA 3 - Exciting Times and the Island Campaign

    TG ArmA has a very exciting event coming up, Island 7: Achilles Heel. Itís a platoon sized anti-battery mission where you are part of the AAF platoon stationed on the outskirts of Pygros and are being shelled by Nato artillery. But before we have our mission maker |TG| B tell you all about the Island 7 campaign, let us fill you in on some of the community developments that have been growing the TG ArmA community. The big developments have been in spontaneity in missions and events, great leadership and even greater teamwork.

    Our mission development team is adding ever improving tools to our missions. Having tweaked the AI behavior we now have AI that are often cunning and produce an even balanced firefight experience. We have in-house made player names scripts, map marker scripts that allow JIPs to find their leaders and get coordinated in a less 'arcade' manner. There are several very interesting custom gear options that are configurable based on what the mission maker wants (Bís class based ammo boxes, TG Gear, Restricted Arsenal, custom global boxes). Still, our very own |TG| Will is continuing work on Anvil Mission Editor which is such a great and powerful tool for mission makers. A lot of our content is highly configurable using changeable parameters to tailor the enemy presence to be challenging to the players at hand.

    But the spontaneity doesn't end there. We have expanded our list of real time mission editors and using a combination of Zeus and MCC (mission version) we are able to easily create custom missions that react to the player environment. Creative mission makers who have solid community skills have been selected to have the controls of these missions. Itís been so much fun to play and watch the missions grow. Missions can proceed along a story line and are easy to be adaptable to the players available. So cool.

    We've also been doing organized events where we gather strong Tactical Gamer leadership to prepare to take the server into very public waters and use our in-game community to bring new players into our style of teamwork and fun. Itís been very successful and we are very grateful for the caliber of players we have been seeing. Big olí welcome to you all.

    The success of all of this and the next stage of growth is dependent on the quality of our in-game leaders and we have a darn good talent pool to draw from. Watching the development from good fire team members, into fire team leaders, into squad leaders has been fantastic. We have effectively stripped down TG ArmA and rebuilt it with our core principles at the forefront. That is achieved by the great work of all but a special nod is deserved to our in-game leaders who make it actually happen.

    This weekend of October 26 will see yet another custom TG mission by one of our own. With slots for at least 32 and a wide range of assets available it should be very busy, exciting and provide for the excellence in teamwork that TG is known for. Now letís have B tell us about the Island multi-mission campaign.

    TG ArmA Administration

    What is the Island campaign?
    The island campaign is a fictional story which follows a conflict on an island nation of Altis. The campaign is fully cooperative series of missions which follows a unifying story line. The missions range from night vision, suppressors on, stealthy take downs to full scale, tanks, choppers and jets assault. One only needs to join in and experience each episode themselves.

    What do you need to join in?

    Nothing but Arma 3 from Steam. Nothing extra. Usually an event post will be posted. Sign up on there and know how to login to Server 1 for Arma.

    Why is it different from others?

    There have been a couple of COOP based campaigns - "The Greeks" and "Diary". But this campaign is different because players can play as all factions offered by the vanilla game - AAF, NATO, CSAT and FIA. Weapons, equipment and clothes are all separated by their default configurations. I think those who followed the campaigns knows which guns sounds differently and who usually carries them. In the Island campaign, an alliance exist between FIA and NATO as well as CSAT and AAF.

    What has happened so far in the campaign?

    The AARs can give a full story behind what has happened so far. So far all the objectives in each episodes are completed successfully, although we had to replay a couple of them to win.

    The gist of it would be that NATO just landed on SouthEastern side of the island and conducted several covert operations to support FIA. FIA has several cells operating in the island experiencing loss and win. AAF and CSAT are trying to destroy FIA and has several established bases and resources on the island's strategic positions. NATO is trying to overtake the island as well as help FIA.

    Future plans?

    There are 12 episodes planned. The series will probably end in such a way that there is no clear winner. The previous episodes are also being improved and becoming ready for everyday gameplay. The ultimate goal is to release the campaigns to the arma community public to attract players to TG.

    What about Island 7?

    Player will be in the shoes of AAF soldiers who are stationed in a major base. They are getting shelled by the NATO forces. They have almost everything a major base needs. Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Tanks, Armored Personnel carriers and helicopters. They must rally out and stop the shelling. In order to do so they have find the spotters and clear some of the vicinity. After that they must launch a large scale counterattack to eliminate enemy artillery guns which are stationed close by. A player can assume the role of a simple foot soldier to high tech UAV operator who can remotely operate several highly weaponized drones. It is up to them.

    |TG| B
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