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ArmA Insurgency New Life and New Blood on Altis


  • ArmA Insurgency New Life and New Blood on Altis

    "Pandora: The Insurgency" Unique version hosted at TG

    Keen on tactics and strong team based play? Stop by’s Insurgency server for ArmA 3 and join the team as we take on the insurgents on Altis. It’s a 24/7 job. No MODs and no requirements to get in on some amazing ArmA 3 action. Join us today!!

    Built on a persistent framework it calls troops to join in the fight to clear the island of Altis of a scourge of insurgents. These aren’t your average insurgents; they possess skills and weaponry that keeps the best squads on their toes. Their flanking tactics and relentless aggression are legendary. Anti-armor capabilities that keep the armor in the rear and, squads need to take special note that “noise” in a region with other enemy cells nearby may cause those cells to activate and respond to the threat. So small cells that seem “easy” to clear suddenly become beehives of insurgents attacking and flanking a small expeditionary force.

    The server has been running for a while now and the battles and the teamwork has been up to TG excellent standards as always. Team members drop in and join a squad on the field and help with the effort for as long or as short as they have time available. Commanders are always available and operating as teams utilizing our own cover and flanking maneuvers TacticalGamer Units dispense with the enemy and continue the good fight both day and night. Weather is dynamic as is the time of day. The terrain varies as does the fog and the available light.

    The map is covered with cells of enemy and commanders can deploy troops based on available assets or use the handy MHQ (Mobile Headquarters) to take the fight to remote places on the island whenever they want.

    As cells are reclaimed by “the forces of good” they turn blue and further enemy will not “rise up” in those cells. Don’t clear a cell and confirm it "blue held" . . . and come back in a while to find the enemy regaining their strength and adding troops to the battle.

    Pandora: The Insurgency is a mission by Artemis Dimikaelo. It was a submission for the Make ArmA Not War contest. It features a completely new grid-clearing system, built from scratch and optimized, it also includes a new patrol system that measures the strength of player forces and directs enemies accordingly. Unkl has added a custom arsenal with lots of variety so you can try out the new Marksman DLC content, try out new tactics each time. Even the MHQ (a mobile spawn point) is a custom to TG addition where you can pull out quadbikes and MRAPs to get around easier. Recently added there is even a system where you hunt and take out enemy weapons caches to complete the mission. Much like the original Insurgency mission!

    We’ re running Pandora Insurgency 24/7 so drop in any time and kit up and head out. Filter for or join our Teamspeak 3 to get more info. Whether you and a friend are the first few to take the field of battle for the day, or you join a full platoon already out in the AO; you will get a chance to experience some great teamwork and have a lot of fun getting in touch with ArmA 3 style.

    • Dimitrius
      Dimitrius commented
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      Excellent article.

    • MadSoloSniper
      MadSoloSniper commented
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      Just spent more hours than I care to admit last night in Insurgency. Awesome teamwork and fire discipline. I suggest it to anyone wanting a good dose of excellent mission play with plenty to shoot at and a lot of excellence in team leading and coordinated team work.

      Oh, and thank you for the props on the article. Love writing stuff for ArmA and other properties.

      See you all on the field of battle soon.


    • Wicks
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      Excellent article Solo, thanks it was a great read. Fantastic game mode that I have spent way too much time in already lol, it provides perfect 'drop in and play' accessibility with the potential for the in depth tactical approaches and flexibility that Arma is renowned for. Playing this on the TG server has been an absolute blast and the teamwork and tactics have been top notch. To anyone who has Arma 3 that is perhaps a little daunted by the prospect of committing to an 'organised mission' I would strongly recommend giving this a go. No mods required. simply jump on the server and and take a look.
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