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  • Elite: Dangerous - Horizons

    Frontier Developments released Elite: Dangerous last year and is now getting ready to release a new season of updates entitled Horizons. That’s right, I said season, not expansion. Frontier has been releasing new features and updates to the game on a periodic basis over a long window of time that they refer to as a "season". The base game released as a single season and we saw a few new features, ships, and other items added to the game.

    If you have been paying attention to the game, you might have seen that some of these updates included the ability to form wings with other players (Wings Update), the ability to pledge with and support a minor power (Powerplay Update), the upcoming area combat (CQC Update), and eventually the Ships update which will bring the current total number of ships up to 30; or 31 depending on if you have Horizons coming to you in some fashion. This will bring Season One (or up to patch 1.5) to an end. Don’t worry if you did not buy Horizons, they will still patch and update the base game and you will still be able to play. You will just not get to enjoy some of the newer features that this new season will bring.

    In any case, Frontier has just been interviewed at EGX, and they have released a lot of new information: [Video]

    To summarize a few of the more major things from the video:

    Planetary Landings

    Landing on planets will be one of the first updates in the Season. In fact, it should be here “Holiday 2015”, though what that exactly means is still up in the air. At first you will be only able to land on airless worlds because they are still working on the flight mechanics for atmospheric flight. Which means that flying in space will be a totally different experience from flying through a planet's sky.

    Until that works, we do get to travel down to the surface and explore these certain worlds. For instance, you will have an armed vehicle in your spacecraft that will allow you to drive around the surface of the planet and with different gravities I expect that you will be able to perform an enormous amount of stunts. That being said, there is a lot more to do than just explore. You can mine, find salvage and settlements(etc), and attack bases! At this time I am not sure what you do with these bases after attacking; do we keep them or what? But what is really cool is that you can work together to attack! While one person is attacking the base in the rover, another can be in the main ship providing bombardment attacks, while another is in the fighter that just left his large ship!

    Fighter Bays and Multi-Crew

    That’s right! Multi-crewing and fighter bays will be coming in Horizons updates! If you ship is big enough, you can equip a fighter bay and launch from your ship! Once you are in flight in your fighter the ship takes care of itself via A.I.; or one of your friends can then take control! Say you now come back to dock at the ship, now they you or the friend can take charge of different parts of the ship, including turrets! As for the number of crew on any one ship, they have said, “more than two,” so they are being mysterious with that as well.

    Commander Creator, Crafting, and etc

    Soon you will have a face. I don’t get to say that everyday! Frontier will eventually be releasing the ability to create a face ala. the Fallout/Elder Scrolls games. They have shown females and males, but no hair. But they’ve not gotten around to that part yet.

    You will also be able to craft things like lasers with materials that you will be able to find in the old and newly released areas! You can make your lasers a different color, which will make them more effective versus shields or maybe they can disrupt subsystems. They did not elaborate on that too much. In the end, they want to make your ship more personalized.

    They are also bring back bobbleheads! If you played the Alpha or Beta you probably remember the bobblehead Christmas Tree and toku doll. Well now they will be bring back the bobbleheads!

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      Re: Article: Elite: Dangerous - Horizons

      Video of a person driving the land vehicle!

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      I am so excited.

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      Horizons is releasing tomorrow!
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