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TG is going to Tanoa - Apex of ArmA 3 begins July 11


  • TG is going to Tanoa - Apex of ArmA 3 begins July 11

    Apex DLC is Coming To TG Servers

    Get ready for the ride to the pinnacle of ArmA 3. Bohemia Interactive is releasing their latest achievement on July 11th featuring a Pacific jungle island Tanoa, a plethora of new features and a rich and long awaited set of assets in the ArmA tradition. will be hosting this content upon release. We will be churning out missions immediately!

    Tanoa alone is impressive, with 5 airports, its single main island, four minor islands and a bunch of “mini” islands it’s set to expand the ArmA empire to include much more land/sea battle capabilities and add elements of small island south pacific tropical exotic-ness to the ArmA franchise.

    Covering over 100 square Kilometers (about one third of the original ArmA Altis map) it is a tropical island paradise. Set in an idyllic setting it’s not militarized like Stratis, Altis or many other maps and this one is truly a clear slate for scenarios. With that said it’s not without its history, exploited for its rich mining productivity the island has been industrialized and ravaged for what looks like decades. There is a new faction, "The Syndikat", a local criminal organization with deep roots on Tanoa. This initial primary faction is made up of armed thugs and ex-paramilitaries, and is involved in many illicit operations throughout the region. Armed with mostly ‘classic’ weaponry such as AKs, RPGs, and 9 mm pistols their knowledge of the island and local hiding spots will make them a formidable enemy when the DLC is released.

    Some Background
    Back in September 2013, Bohemia Interactive Studios released ArmA 3 the game had the best visuals, movement, lighting and most most massive and interactive terrain ever. However content for weapons, vehicles and a rich backdrop of available enemies and weapons would trickle out over the next few years.

    Bohemia has also used this time to really improve how it operates with Steam and has achieved a level of access to community made content and community servers that is as seamless as the community had only dreamt about previously. Massive updates to the game engine and optimization have become part of the landscape as Bohemia strives ever forward supporting a game with a further 3 years of intense development after release date.

    As a matter of fact, the visuals update that was released a few weeks back is utterly breathtaking! If you have been away from ArmA 3 for a while you really should re-launch it and prepare your jaw to drop!

    Some of our community members have been giving us glimpses from the Development Branch of the DLC and we have been blogging some of those posts. Take a look at how stellar this looks.

    A lot of “new” comes to the ArmA franchise with Apex things like, new weapons with the AKS-74U (basically a shortened version of the AK-47), a number of new vehicles including the V-44 Blackfish VTOL aircraft which will make both Tanoa and Altis (and other community maps) even more accessible to a wide range of mission types. And a number of new “exotic” elements like infrared blocking uniforms and even some classic ArmA weapons repainted in a south pacific camo pattern.

    The ArmA page states:
    "Home to lush tropical vegetation, unique landmarks, a rich history, and imposing man-made feats of modern engineering, this 100 km² South Pacific archipelago is built to bolster authentic combat on a massive scale. Tanoa’s varied locations, such as the rainforests, volcano, shanty towns, sugar cane factory, and industrial port, cater to all scenario types. Whether it’s to conduct an all-out assault, a small-scale covert op, jungle warfare, or anything else suited to a South Pacific setting – Tanoa is the destination of choice. Your next adventure awaits."

    Join Us!
    We’re eagerly awaiting the release and look forward to adding Tanoa and all of the new DLC to the TacticalGamer universe. We are also over at A3 Units and would love to have you visit us there. Join us on July 11th for our first footprints on the new field of battle for 2016 and beyond.

    • BeSiege82
      BeSiege82 commented
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      sweet. Now to go download.

      Anybody know how the vegetation impacts frames?

    • Xorilliz
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      Re: Article: TG is going to Tanoa - Apex of ArmA 3 begins July 11

      Originally posted by BeSiege82
      sweet. Now to go download.

      Anybody know how the vegetation impacts frames?
      I rendered the 100 squarekilometers of terrain with all that jungle to take those screenshots... I seemed to run it just as fine as I run the Altis map. It may run worse for worse PC's... I don't really know precisely since I haven't tested performance that much. You will get the chance to find out in one hour from this post since it releases at approximately 1700z if Bohemia manages to keep their promise.

    • Noyava
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      Apex download is available! Time to start the jungle crawl!
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