The squadUI - the in house script for player nametags and player map markers - have been updated finally. I wanted to visualize a few things that have happened and leave them here. In the beginning the squad marker started out one marker which only shows the player's Squad Leader. No squad mates just a marker that says Actual. So we thought as long as each player can see the squad leader they will follow and regroup on this marker. :icon_lol:

Then Unkl wanted player nametags. I guess the vanilla mouse hover over nametags were not good enough or was tied to the difficulty settings. The first version was extracted from INS revive script. It was operational but very clumsy by today's standards. Thanks to Butler who has no formal coding training used one of the bleeding edge scripting commands and came up with the original TG nametag script. He worked quite a bit on it and laid the foundation of what is today's nametag script. Main features of his version was squad members would get nametags only and leaders would be able to see each other. Now the idea behind this was that squad members must stick together since they can only see their squadmates' names and not others... :icon_lol:

After a few iterations we improved on this script by adding matching map markers which also only showed squadmates and leaders for leaders. Adaptation of the group manager by BIS created a strange phenomenon. To be able to see everybody in the game on the map and their nametags, an obsession to create massive giant squads of - everybody in the server in one group - started to happen. In addition since the group manager by BIS used the U key which was the original nametag key, I had to choose another not so much used key to bring up the nametags. The chosen key was DEL on NUMPAD key default for Tactical View. Since we played on first person view only, this key would not do anything except bring up the nametag... Now everytime a new guy shows up everybody has to explain this key to see names: "Press on DEL key on your numpad." What about those who do not have numpads? What if they have unbound this default key and using it for something else? :icon_lol:

Now we are here again at another iteration of our squad user interface (squadUI). Not sure if it is squad UI anymore since everybody can be seen by everybody. More like BLUFOR tracker. After that history lesson I wanted to showcase some of the things that has been modified and added:

Borrowing some of the ideas, codes and logic from a recent mission named Liberation I have the chevrons to indicate SLs and JFTLs. Non-squadmates names will pop up at much closer range, while squadmates names will pop up at greater distances. Of course the color coding is still available. The size of the font for squad mates are bit larger to make it easier to read, while non-squadmates' names will need extra attention to read.

The GPS markers are also there for those who use it often. This time, we have a few extra markers... The tiny brown dots represent non-squaddies while the bigger brown rectangle is a leader of a group. The SL gets the filled mil_arrow with a bigger presence while squadmates are the unfilled mil_arrows. The color coding will also change these markers' colors. Occupied vehicles are the big rectangle with a criss-cross inside. Opening the map will display their names while openning the GPS will only shows the icons.

Now the squad name is changeable in the BIS group manager so use it often because the squad name will be displayed with the SL names on the map and with the nametags. You can see that the SL nametags is bigger than them all. The SL nametags also is visible at the longest distance, greater than squadmates' nametags. That way hopefully the squadmembers can always follow the SLs. :icon_lol:

Now finally, how to turn on and off these nametags. It is now done by an addAction. This hopefully will be clearer for our guests.