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After reading Tom King’s post and talking to some old Tactical Gamer member that used to play on the server way back in the old-days of PR0.5 I came to the conclusion that most of the problems that we see in are community are not coming form the players but from the mod it’s self.

People used to love the “more forgiving PR". At lease then they would not get martyrized if they had the misfortune of losing a jet or a tank because assets would spawn in regularly and it did not affect to much the outcome of the round.

I’ve been playing PR for almost 5 years now, and I never had a problem with people camping (on TG) until this instalment. Actually, IMO, they cause more stupid deaths (people playing in my squads know that I am great for getting them all killed trying to flank a base with a dome around them :P) than they could save lives since people still snipe and try to launch LATs and HATs at them. Also, why did people start camping main bases: probably because those dam assets (which are worth lots of points now ) spawn near the mains and the domes of death.

I remember playing the spec-ops class and loving it. Going deep into enemy territory and blowing up commander assets to deny the enemy that advantage. If PR is trying to strive for realism this should be put back in.

“So what the hell Nixon, what should we do?” and here comes the interesting part of the post that I wish to submit to you guys before I post this to the R-Dev.

So here are my suggestions and ideas to fix all theses annoying problems and improve PR.

We need to add a hint of real time strategy to PR to fix the problems. People that played Company of Heroes will see the parallels that I am trying to draw here.

1) Deploying buildings to have access to specific assets:

Basically, when the round starts, all vehicles spawn in like they do now. My idea is if you want to “rebuild” theses assets after they are lost you will need to construct specific buildings. Height new deployable assets will be added to the game and they will be needed to have access to special weapons, vehicles and support. Their will be also “expansions” of each one of theses building so you can tier up. For example, Armour depot Lv1 gets LAVs and APCs and Lv2 gets Tanks, etc. Theses building will also reduce the time between spawn. (See example bellow)

Level 1:
• Barracks will give access to normal infantry
• Light vehicle depots will give access to trucks, hummvees
• Armour depots will give access to LAVs, APCs, etc.
• Logistic centers will give access to light helicopters and UAVs

Level 2:
• Lv2 Barrack give access to speciality weapons (request kits)
• Lv2 Light vehicle depots will give access to TOW hummvees, FAVs, AAVs, etc.
• Lv2 Armour depots will give access to tanks and other big guns
• Lv2 Logistic centers will give access to attack helicopters, planes and area attacks

2) Building:

In the best of worlds, theses new assets could be only deployed by the commander (more fun for him also!). In case there is no commander, theses could be deployed by the squad leaders. This could be achieved the same way as markers work: commanders say yes/no and if there is no CMD they will be put down anyways. Moreover, excluding the first barrack, the buildings are destructible (here comes in the new role for the spec-ops) so the team will need to defend them or place them out of harms way. Furthermore, since there will be no more “dome of death” the team could decide to put them in and around the main base (all the eggs in the same basket) or put them on different points on the map (harder to defend). When the structure is built, assets will spawn in the normal place they do (like in this version) or, if it’s possible to code, next to the building it self (minus the jets and helicopters that will still spawn on helipads and runways at main).

Level 2 buildings will be deployed next to the level 1 building and will give access to the tier 2 weapons. For example: Lv1 logistic centers would be the actual commander’s tent and the Lv2 logistic center will be a satellite uplink (similar to the one in vBF2) next to that tent.

Each team will have a maximum of 5 of theses assets. Thus, the team could decide a “doctrine” for a round.

Here is an example to illustrate:

My team wants to for an “air superiority doctrine” on Kashan Desert:

1) Barrack (obligatory on all maps and it spawns in already built)
2) Barrack Lv2
3) Light vehicle depots
4) Logistic center Lv1
5) Logistic center Lv2

Ok. We have access to normal infantry and all the special kits (Hat, Lat, Sniper, etc.). We also have access to trucks and humvees to move people around and build FOBs. Finally, we have helicopters, attack helicopters, jets and area attacks. SWEET…BUT! No tank, APC, LAV, AAV support.

3) Spawn times:
for each speciality building you deploy you divide by 2 (ratio could be different) the actual spawn times. Ex: Lv1 Logistic center: Jets (30min/2 =15 mins); Lv2 Logistic center: Jets (30/4=7.5 mins)

4) Stopping smarktards:
a) CMD decides which ones to build according to the team’s plan.
b) Each SL can build 1 special asset (so 2 cooperating SL will be needed to go for this “air superiority doctrine”)
c) Some type of voting system could be created and people would vote before the round start.
d) If there is to much camping around the special buildings the doom of death could be placed back over the main and theses assets would be deployable under it.
e) I need your opinion!
f) Wasting to many tickets with crashing jets each 7.5 minutes! (See next point)

5) Flags become “Control Points”:

Each control point will give “CP points” (AKA tickets) to the team controlling the area. Points will be added to the bank on each minute of play. For examples: Marines capture docks on Muttra City they get 100 CP points for each minutes of the round until they lose that CP. The amount of points will vary depending on the area. Logically, the harder the CP is to defend the more points it should give. In contrast to reality this is also quite true, since if your army controls a greater portion of the battle field they should get a better supply of fuel, ammunition, reinforcement, etc. Points will be critical since they will affect the number of asset you will have in a round. Furthermore, building FOBs, speciality building and other assets will require CP points. Thus, more your team works together more assets they could field. At the start of the round you will have X number of CP points. Each time a vehicle, an infantry unit or a building spawns it will draw from your CP point bank. You can replenish your bank when you control CP points, but the flow of points will vary depending on the number of CP you control and there value (Go for the hard ones to have high points or try to control the cheaper ones that are easy to defend).

Also, to prevent “smaktard” players will be kick according to the number of CP points in an amount of time. For example: Mr.X crashes a jet (-100 cp), destroys a humvee (-50cp) and suicides 5 times (-5cp) in the laps of 5 minutes = total of 155 cp sever will kick at 150. I am throwing numbers like that, but if this system is developed each value will be studied and kicks will reflect the actions of the players.

That’s all for now… still having 1 page to go, but I’ll do that tomorrow!

Constructive comments please!