I'm born just south of a little town called Ornskoldsvik. A small town with only 26,500 inhabitants. The town that goes by the name The Heart of Hockey here in Sweden. the town that for the last 15 years have been spitting out some of the best players here in Sweden and I might be biased but I'm gonna say some of the best players in the world today. 2002-2003 Peter Forsberg also from this little tiny town in the middle of nowhere as the first Swede ever won The Art Ross Trophy and this weekend Henrik Sedin won The Art Ross Trophy after a hat-trick and for me that's huge. One of the strongest memory I have from my childhood is from my 7th birthday when my granddad took me with him to see MoDo play and I still get a feeling I can't describe when I'm going to a game especially now when Peter returned to try and save a team without anything that worked for them anymore.

For me this is the little twins that could.