General Updates

So I've managed to order everything but the Sunbeam LAN Rig Strap and Bag and CPU cooler. I should have a complete listing with prices I paid and full pictures (and more) sometime next week when I start putting it all together.

Off the top of my head I ordered/have:

500W HEC Raptor R500 PSU
Zotac G31MAT-B-E Motherboard (LGA775)
Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00 GHz CPU
2 GB Crucial DDR2 800 RAM
512 MB PNY GeForce 9600GT Graphics Card
250 GB Western Digital SATA300 HDD
22x LG SATA DVD Burner
Vantec 4-Channel Fan Controller
2 x 92mm Vantec SF9221 "Silent" Case Fans
Thermaltake HDD Cooler (Aluminum)
Linkworld 727-02 mATX Case
Kensington Pro Fit Keyboard (Wired, USB)
Gigabyte GM-M7700 2.4 GHz Wireless Mouse ($14.99 on NewEgg - absolute steal at this price)
Gigabyte GM-M6800 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse ($9.99 after $5 MIR on NewEgg - another great mouse and a absolute bargain)

Still Need to Order:

Sunbeam LAN Bag and Strap
Cooler Master Vortex 752 CPU Cooler

Well, now I just need to scrounge up another $50 and I should be good to go...

Off Topic

I should have a complete rundown of the HTPC I'm building for the family living room also by next week. Hopefully some pretty pictures of it running XMBC as well. :D