My wonderful LAN rig isn't so wonderful anymore. I decided to start her up again after over a month of disuse. She refused to boot up and after 40+ mins. of tinkering and testing the PSU, I've come to the preliminary conclusion the Zotec G31 mobo failed.

I initially thought it was PSU seeing how I've had the rig power on while I was away at class mysteriously when I know I had it shut down and it was no on standby. After about 3 or 4 of these little incidents, I flipped powered it off and flipped the switch on the back of the PSU. I left it there unused for over a month, until tonight.

Now there's a few things I haven't tried yet, like reseating the RAM and removing the graphics card. But seeing how I took the PSU out and plugged it into a older P4 rig and it powered the rig just fine, I knew it couldn't be that the PSU had failed.

I thought to myself "hey, the PSU might not be able to handle a heavier load or my E8400 fried itself somehow with a aftermarket cooler and all". Well I went and plugged it back into the Gryphon rig and only connected the HDD's SATA power cable and the 6-pin PCI-E cable. Hit the the power button and NOTHING. Absolutely friggin' nothing happened.

Now mind you, this is where I went "Well wouldn't it be friggin' nice if this mobo had one of those power LED lights on the board to tell you if power was flowing through the board or not?". Guess that's what I get buying on the super-ass cheap.

I unplugged the HDD and graphics card's PCI-E power and tried again. Nothing. I unplugged the 24-pin main connector and used the paper clip trick (4-pin CPU still connected). The PSU booted up fine and the CPU heatsink fan spun up nicely.

So until I can absolutely friggin' test every possibility dealing with the mobo and the CPU, right now I'm leaning towards the probable fact that I have a dead motherboard.

Friggin' motherf'ing-tastic! A week and some before Christmas and my LAN rig drops dead.

Well if it is the mobo, I don't have many choices but to wait a few more months to gather up some more money. I'm even leaning towards a bigger case, a AM3 board and a Athlon II X2, and a better heatsink.

I can't deal with how damn cramped that microATX tower is. I thought I had sworn off building with another one of those tiny cases after my first mediocre experience with one years ago.

So yeah, what was gearing up to be a mellow Christmas and end to the last few weeks of my break is starting to turn into a disaster. At least this isn't my main rig or I'd be as frustrated as Cheburash right now.

I feel your pain Cheb, i really do! :row__691: