I absolutely friggin' hate FedEx. Slow service I can understand time-to-time, but dishonest service coupled of innane morons equals to a really bad headache. The dozen or so times I've had the displeasure of getting a package from these guys turned my stomach (almost all of them were sensitive electronics like hard drives and monitors, etc). At least twice, the drivers lied, that's right lied about delivering a package when I've been sitting staring out the front window waiting. What did customer service say? "Sir, our drivers do not lie. You are the one lying." That was the first time and you know what, I was pissed and more so when it took them another 3 days to deliver and they sent to my neighbor's house down the block! Ugh.

The most recent was a failed Seagate hard drive (before NewEgg got better packaging for lone HDDs) that they threw, threw over my back door and it tumbled down the stairs into my backyard. :icon_eek:

Now you know what? Now I gotta wait and pray they don't F up my new mouse. Because, FedEx is delivering it to my house today (a Saturday) supposedly.

In the end, I've learned a few lessons. Whatever you do, never send anything via FedEx. I could recount a few more bad experiences. Secondly, if you buy anything from Amazon or NewEgg, avoid their free shipping like the plague. They both have switched to some logistics company (ex: Ensenda) who then hands off your packages to FedEx for delivery. Seriously, they couldn't hand off to UPS?

To further infuriate me, NewEgg used to hand off to UPS, then they switched to USPS (which isn't bad), and then they went with FedEx. WTF?! Why couldn't they just have stayed with UPS or USPS? At least then I don't have to worry about: 1) not ever getting my package or b) getting it smashed up to hell.

On top of that, if it ends up at their center, there's no way I can drive 3 hours (1.5 hours each way) out to the suburbs to get my package when they fail to deliver because they hire the stupidest people on the planet who can't find their own hands in bright sunlight.