I've had my new G700 for all of an hour. This is a impressions/mini-review of the mouse.

As with most things, I am a gadget lover and as such, I see something I like, and it goes on my wishlist for purchase later. This mouse replaces my old Logitech MX1100, which isn't all that old and still works fine minus some asethetic blemishes.

Keep in mind I prefer heavy, ergonomic, and large mice with lots of buttons.

(I'll save pictures for a more full on review later. I just want to jot down the stuff below.)


It's almost the usual Logitech packaging fare. It's the usual multi-green shaded Logitech box with the sculpted plastic over the mouse so people can palm it before buying it as a cheapo "test". The only caveat here is there is a plastic cutout over the G8/G9/G10 (index finger buttons). So in practice and theory, water has a great way to get in and ruin this beautiful and expensive mouse if it can get through the outer shipping box. Ugh.

Once you pull out the inner layout box, it has a weird tri-fold (lay it on its side and it forms a S pattern). So if you're not careful, you're could easily end up dropping the mouse as you unfold it or drop the cables.

These are pretty minor for, perhaps not for anyone else.

The Mouse


This mouse has slimmer profile more akin to the G7/G5. It's not as wide as my MX1100 which I've grown really accustomed to. Perhaps a future iteration will give me a expanded ergo version of the MX1100 with a similar amount of buttons as this mouse and feature set.


Okay, I've owned the G7 (on release of the black edition). I absolutely hate the super-sandpaper textured grip on the G7 and subsequently the G5 and G9/G9x by extension. It's like scratching my fingernails across a chalkboard. It makes me wanna cringe, but I put up with my G7's grip for almost 3 years. The other problem is it makes my hands and fingers sweat a lot. My MX1100 basically solved my sweaty hands issue as the rubber and plastic grip never, ever made my hands or fingers sweat, no matter how intense of a graphics, modeling, or gaming session was.

What does that say about this new G700? The grip is a compromise between the two worlds, but leans heavily in the direction of the previous G-series textured sandpaper-ish grips. It's not as pronounced and has a very shallow depth (as in the texturing) in comparison to my old G7. It still, however, makes my hands sweat.

That's a downside, yes, but the plus side makes this whole issue a neutral matter that will doubtless cause strings of debates over the next few months to years. The plus side is it can be much more easily cleaned seeing how each morning, my mouse will collect oils and dirt. Add to that the fact I do eat in front of my computer.

The top of the mouse fortunately is smooth plastic. No texturing there at all, not even the semi-textured bumps of my MX1100 (which also is a good thing). Hopefully that means, none of that paint peeling I have with my MX1100's LMB after 2+ years of heavy use.


The four side buttons are a throw up. On one hand, I wish they had moved the top two to the bottom (like how the Ideazon Reaper Edge) for easier reach. On the other hand, I understand my thumb is supposed to rest in the groove and rock the keys. Others have suggested vertical + horizontal layout (either D-Pad style or sideways L pattern). Without knowing what Logitech did during usability testing, I can only assume they arrived at this particular layout after lots of testing and thoughts.

The G11 profile button, personally I think, should have been moved to the front of the scroll wheel. It interrupts mousing flow to have to reach over and back to switch profiles. Lastly, the tilt wheel is stiffer than it needs to be. Particularly, left tilt is quite stiff while right tilt is less stiff. Perhaps some manufacturing issues, perhaps by design. I don't know. Otherwise, the rest of the buttons are fine where they are and angle of each key is well thought out.


Okay, this is where I wish they could have used a two battery, same polarity bay as my MX1100 utilizes. At least then I could use two rechargeables (or two Eneloops) which provides double the battery life and provides a bit more weight as it's a bit lighter compared to the MX1100.

I guess as is, at least they didn't use a sealed in lithium ion cell. That's what killed so many MX1000 mice.