I'm livid and pissed right now. I have two sites (one personal and one business) and both have been going through a lot of changes the past month and I JUST FINALLY got everything to where I want it to be just Monday. What happens? I go on this morning to find out both of them are offline, along with the control panels, and along with the host's website. I open a ticket and find out 3 hours later that their SAN (Storage Area Network) lost its links to iSCSI. Anyways, I assured that everything will be fine "soon" and measures would be taken to prevent such a thing from happening. Well, both sites are back up except they seem to have been restored with a database image from over a month ago. Not only that, I only find out now that my weekly database backups have NOT been working for the past month.

So now I truly hate my weekends. Not only will I now be spending most of my weekend redoing both these sites, but trying to explain to my users why everything went kaput.

So (bleeping) pissed off right now. Makes my excitement about possibly playing BF3 a bit this weekend and the fact I finally clicked on my Database Programming course just go away. Great, just great. Nothing seems to go right in my life the past few months. :row1_25: