Just bought a Plextor M5S and will be throwing it into my development rig later today (since it's 4 am on Sunday). I'll take a read performance hit (huge one) since my dev rig only has a P5Q with SATA 3/Gb ports (just like my Samsung 840 took a read hit in my laptop). I should still manage to pull a 25 second or so boot time out of it using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. :)

I decided to pick a different brand and a different controller SSD. That means I have: Kingston (Sandforce), Samsung (Samsung MCX), and Plextor (Marvell). Performance is close to a 120 GB Kingston HyperX 3K. There is one big plus side: reliability and good support. Those two are pretty good standout points in most of the reviews I've read of Plextor's SSDs. They may not be the fastest out there, but their internal testing and support makes a great product and stable to boot.

I was stuck choosing between a Micro Center SSD (rebraded ADATA S599?), Sandisk Ultra Plus, and another Samsung 840. I'm glad I didn't pick the Sandisk given the relatively poor performance in real world usage over comparable drives. That and it comes in a all-plastic case. I'm not taking any points off for the shell, which I feel most of the SSDs later on will probably be encased in plastic anyways. Right now since we're paying so much per GB, I figure they should at least give us a premium feel, aka a metal case.

How would you feel about future SSD being only encased in plastic? Would that affect your purchasing decision?