I'm on the verge (or is it cusp) of tears. It's down to the wire for AMD. In a year's time they could be declaring bankruptcy, restructuring, and/or selling themselves. The gap between them and Intel is ginormous! It's like the gap between the filthy rich and the poor. I'm afraid of the potential problems/disaster when Intel loses it's only real competitor (VIA hasn't been on the radar for close to a decade). I also feel that if AMD falls, Intel will eventually fall as well.

There's rants, arguments, and so forth about who is better, who is to blame, blah, blah, blah. In the end, I don't want AMD to go down. I want the opposite. Competition is healthy. It's good for industry. Innovation is great with competition. Unfortunately, too many have already written off AMD just because they aren't neck-to-neck. I'm surprised how much AMD can do given how little they have money-wise. Maybe I can hope that they can get a significant influx of cash to help them stay afloat longer. On the flip side, maybe they should just go the way of the dinosaur.

If Intel wins completely in the end and prices go up further...well I think after a few years more I could be done with PC gaming. It's already an expensive hobby. More expense for a dwindling return (the move to smaller lithography, efficiency over performance, etc). It's not like Skylake is any real boost to my Ivy Bridge processor (gaming wise). Hell unless I'm doing some pretty darn CPU intensive work, it's another $300+ investment for a mere ~2-5% performance increase. In terms of gaming, it's actually more like a -2% decrease.

*cries for AMD*

There were many things I wish AMD-wise. More ITX boards, more embedded solutions, and AMD on the mobile side (gaming laptops, gaming budget laptops, small form factor builds, etc) are just a few things I want. I've been yearning to build a really small form factor gaming rig for years, but with AMD's parts, not Intel's. Why? It would be cheap and affordable. Maybe I'm obesessed with SFF rigs on the cheap.

I'm pumped for AMD's Zen chips next year. I've said it to others and I'll say it here: consider AMD for your next build! I've already decided to move back to AMD to my next rig. No more expensive, large builds. Going back to smaller cases (mini-ITX), spend less of my money, and something I can pop a new chip into a few years down the road. My Ivy Bridge build...well, I'd have to replace the two most expensive components, essentially a rebuild, AND I'd have to get a new license for Windows 10. Nah. Too expensive considering I spent $320 on the CPU, $160 on the motherboard, and $140 on Windows 8 Pro. Probably could have spent $160 on a CPU, $100 on a motherboard going AMD instead and gotten more SATA III ports to boot. Of course I couldn't wait and wanted instant gratification.