Basic Infantry

Started the morning off nice and early for Basic Infantry Course taught by TMan. Was very good and learned a lot of the basics. Afterwards I jumped into a game and sadly my VOIP wasn't working but Crawly used TeamSpeak to talk to me. Got some experience being in a fireteam and using the automatic rifle for the first time. Nothing eventful happened on the first round but on the second round we played on a map (don't know the name) with a lot of fields. Got lost, Crawly picked me up on a bike (leave no man behind!) and I got separated again. But this time on my way back to the SL, I encountered an enemy at my position. I killed him and spotted two more guys coming behind him. Didn't want to shoot a friendly so I took my time to ID them. When they shot at me I knew they were the enemy!! I fell back to a small house and hid in some rooms. They came after me and I took two of them out. Crawly was coming to help. I saw a third and he killed me. Pretty exciting engagment! AK47? pretty good in close quarters right?

Took a break for lunch and decided to address my VOIP problems. Did some googling and tweaked some settings. Noticed that BF2 was taking a lot of memory in "task manager" so I restarted it and also restarted my computer. When I went back into the game, VOIP worked! Success.

Was German fighting insurgents on a deserty looking map with a lot of hills. Joined a sniper squad (just to test out VOIP) and followed Zpac0 for a while, encountering some enemy targets along the way.

I got separated from my SL again and on my way back I met a PR celebrity (in my mind). DBzao came up with his squad behind me and asked me what was happening in the area. I had no idea really (I'm a rookie!), only that an enemy firebase was just taken down. I followed his squad for a bit and two Europeon guys chatted with me in the back. Great how friendly this community is. We were moving to a cache location along a river when we got taken out by the enemy.

Next game I joined up with Brettwad from the 168th for a round on Beruit. This would be the long game of the afternoon. We were IDF and my first task was to drive a truck! I went back to Main a few times to get some crates for the team. Seems like a mundane thing to do but you know what? I enjoyed it. There's something rewarding about working on a team that doesn't exist in any game that I've played before. I'm happy to do those little things and do whatever needs to be done.

I was assigned an Automatic rifle again and during the early phases of the round it seemed like we were doing really well (had more flags then them but we eventually got pushed back and lost the round). Even with the loss, still had a great time and met more cool people. yrkidding was a great medic and had to revive me numerous times. I enjoyed Brett's leadership too and look forward to being in his squad again.