Journey of a PR Rookie 02

Picture the scene. Your SL has brought your squad into a courtyard to defend, condition RED. You take aim down the only entrance with your automatic rifle. Then all of a sudden one, two, then four enemy contacts run past your view. You call it out. Feels good to say, "Enemy contact! Four infantry moving west!" Then you wonder if they really were the enemy or not so you try to get your binoculars out. You use the MIDDLE MOUSE WHEEL to scroll down to the binoculars. You're about to select it then think, "Do I really need the binoculars?" A moment passes. The binocular icon begins to fade away. "Yes! I need to see and make sure." Your finger presses the left mouse button and then BANG!!!!!!! You rifle shoots a bullet. Your mouth drops. Before you can speak your SL is already saying something, "Don't shoot!" You apologize quickly and the SL is really cool about it. What just happened???

This is what. I've come to learn that when you use the middle mouse button to select weapons, if you don't choose your new weapon/item by a certain time, the icon will slowly fade away and you will be back to the weapon you currently have equipped, which in my case was MY RIFLE! I took too long to choose the binoculars. The icon faded and my rifle was selected. I pressed and bang, our secrecy was blown. You know what's funny? I've done this two other times to two different squad leaders!

In the above story, it was Brettwad. Before that it was Crawly but you know what happened when I misfired my gun that time? I shot him in the back! Literally, I shot him in the back. I said I was sorry and he was cool about it. The 189th, so patient with new guys! And Crawly didn't even say a word when I shot him. But I can picture his face when I shot him, kinda with closed eyes, head slightly tilted to the left, and gritting his teeth. Perhaps he took a slow breath and said, "I was a nooby once. I was a nooby once. (breath deeply. exhale...) I was a nooby once." After that I got stuck on a hill as my squad waited for me to board a heli. You know, those hills you can't quite get to the top of?

The third time I middle mouse misfired (MMM) was when I was in a squad led by Mouser...00. We were a small squad, no more than 4, sneaking through the woods of Fool's Road. We were in a tough bind as a team and for the entire time I was in his squad he taught me, "take things slow. Be careful. Keep a low signature." So we crawled through the woods. He told me to stay away from the crests of hills." Good stuff. We snuck to a vantage point overlooking one of the roads. Everyone was observing the surroundings, staying hidden. I try to bring out my binoculars but my timing is a... how do I say this...a little slow. I clicked my mouse button and BANG! Bullet ECHO ECHo Echo echo ec..... Mouser..00 yells, "Don't shoot man!" And I quickly apologize and said I pressed the wrong button. He was of course cool about it.

So to all you new guys out there, my advice is to never use the middle mouse button to select your weapons. Try to get used to using the 1-8 keys. Eventually you'll get muscle memory but even if you fail to select the right thing, at least you won't shoot your SL in the back.