Journey of a PR Rookie 03

I visited the =]H[= server tonight (got home late) and found a good squad led by one of the clan members. It was just him, me, and a medic for most of the round. We snuck our way into the Fortress (we were US) and at one point both my SL and the medic were killed so I had to crawl to grab the medic kit to revive. I got the medic up, gave him back his kit and while he was reviving the SL an MEC soldier came up the stairs to our room. But I was a split second too late and we all got taken out. The sad part is I even told the SL that I would watch the stairs! I still have to learn what the enemy looks like. It's happened to me a lot. I fail to fire because I'm not sure if my target is friendly or foe. Perhaps it's best to check the map and know that if your squad is the only friendlies in the area, shoot anyone else that appears.

Later in the round we fell back to South City and weren't capping so SL went to investigate and was shot on the 2nd floor of a building. Me and the medic to the building as our SL reported that the enemy was still in the room and threw an incindiary grenade on his body (apparently to destroy it?). The medic crept into the room and I saw him shot up by the MEC soldier. I was the only one left and we were far from an FOB or any kind of spawning point so what to do? I pulled out a grenade! And just as I was tossing it into the room, the soldier appeared in my view. The grenade flew in but the blast did nothing. He rushed out of the room as I back-peddled around a corner bringing up my rifle. I pulled the trigger as he rounded the corner and my screen went blurry but I could see his body hit the ground. I went in and got my medic up. He got the SL up just as more guys joined the game giving us a full squad.

Was getting late so with the end of that thrilling engagement I said goodbye to Muttrah and my squad.

Lessons learned and thoughts:

Be extremly careful if you are walking into an area and you don't know if it's secure (talking to myself here ^^). The enemy could be observing you and are likely watching entrances and the street. Check to make sure it's clear.

If you move into an alley check the exits because you might get ambushed. (we did on Muttrah). I spotted a Logi Truck with an enemy close by. Me and the SL went to take it out so we took a side alley and with our minds so focused on sneaking up to the Logi, we forgot to check our blind side. We entred a T-shaped alley, went right but didn't see the guy who was coming up behind us from the left. So I'd say, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you have it covered. As Mouser..00 says, "Take it slow."

In the incident with the MEC solider and my grenade, I'm not so sure that the grenade was the wisest thing to do when it's 1 vs 1. You're extremely vulnerable when you're bringing out your grenade and i could have easily died if it weren't for the corner I was able to hide behind. At the very least, don't stand right in front of the door when you're pulling out your grenade lol. But what else can you do? He's watching the doorway and you have no idea what corner he is in. I guess you could grenade one side of the room then enter and sweep to the other side shooting as you come in. Or maybe just call for backup.

How would you clear a room that you had to enter and it's 1 vs 1?

Fun night of PR and oh yes, tomorrow is Friday! See you on the Battlefield.