Journey of a PR Rookie 04

Been playing PR for almost two weeks now and still having a great time. Last weekend with the Holiday here in the States I had a gaming marathon. Big news is I joined the 189th IHS. Been enjoying my time with the guys a lot and getting to know them better.

Last weekend I had one of the best PR experiences so far. I was in a squad led by TMAN and he ran it like a "Learn TG" squad. Brett was there and I believe CR8Z too. We also had another squadmate in PR_Flyboy. TMAN took things slow and taught us about the different roles in a squad. Brett took point and we followed single column behind him. Learned that the pointman decides the route to the marker and it's important to give him time to look around and not feel rushed. When the pointman says hold, we all freeze and cover 360 around us. The last guy checks behind. I had a medic kit and was second to last with the AR behind me.

Highlight must have been when we sneaked through the woods and came behind a mortar nest (this was on Fool's Road). They didn't see us coming. The AR set up to give covering fire as Brett, TMAN, and CR8Z ran in to assault the mortars. Grenades were out before contact and I ran in too as the medic! Of course I died. Learned a valuable lesson that day to stay back. Safety first, especially for the medic!

I asked TMAN about the AR and he said he likes to keep the AR in the back so that when they make contact, he can bring the AR forward to position it. He and Brett both agreed that it's a suppressing weapon, not really meant to kill but to keep the enemy pinned. I used that advice tonight on Muttrah.

Fought for the US and with the AR I made sure to find some nice long streets to have overwatch on. It paid off a few times as I could spot enemies approaching from distance and take them down before they reached me. I also tried to give my squad covering fire as they moved up along the street. One mistake I did was when I made contact with the enemy on a nearby rooftop. Instead of spraying him from the hip, I brought up the sights and it took so long that he killed me. Lesson learned: when you make contact with the enemy very close with AR, there's no time to bring up the sights. Just shoot! Later I ran into similar situations and just fired from the hip and it worked better. If your gonna use the AR's scope, make sure that you have the time to setup safely, preferable in a prone position for more accuracy.

Still having trouble identifying the enemy. Find it amusing (but like the realism) that both teams have the same color camo. What I'm trying to do to counter this is to have more map awareness. Every so often I will check the map to see where friendlies are. I can see my position and know that if I see contacts from a certain direction, they are the enemy. A few times in Muttrah I spotted multiple enemies in my sights but didn't realize it until I checked my map and saw that they weren't friendly. So things to work on: knowing what the enemy looks like and more importantly, have map awareness.