Journey of a PR Rookie 05

Was on Muttrah tonight in Ytman's squad. Took AR and was asked to give cover while our team built stuff. I covered a long street facing east, went to prone and double checked my map to make sure there were no friendlies in the area. Nope. Then a truck rounds the far corner down the street and what do I do? I check the map again thinking, "could a friendly truck have gotten into our area?" Nope, as the truck gets closer it's MEC. I open fire but the truck gets by unscathed and heads north. Later we're attacked from the north and get wiped out. I hope Ytman isn't reading this ><. Another classic example of not being sure of targets and second guessing my map read earlier. Trucks don't drive that fast. Had I opened fire when I first was eye to eye with the driver of that truck, I might have gunned it down and prevented the attack that followed. Well, all I can do is try to do better next time.

Still learning the flow of the game in AAS.

Been thinking about the Grenadier kit and might post in the main forums about it. I'm wondering how many SL's use grenadiers in their squad and if they do, how to they use them?

For a Friday night, the servers got awfully quiet around 11 PST. I thought this was strange. Visited another server and man, it's just not the same as TG. My first squad leader picked us up in a truck and drove through the woods honking the horn. "This can't be good," I thought. And there's a lot of crude humor on these servers and trash talking. Glad I have TG. Best thing to do is probably go to sleep and wake up early to play. The Euro guys should be on then.