Journey of a PR Rookie 06

Last night I was fighting in Muttrah as MEC and we ended up winning 45-0 but during the midgame I thought we would lose for sure.

In the beginning, our squad went on the offensive. I'm not sure what the flags are called but we were pushing up to the flag after South City, encountered enemy contacts in the alleys SW of the street near the water. We returned fire and Insanity, our SL, said that he and I were going around to flank. While the rest of the squad kept the enemy occupied, we ran street side on the right and moved up. SL said, "reload, we're going in full auto." Credit to him that he knew how far to move before cutting back left. We came to the rear of their position where the medic was. Insanity took him down. Clearning out a building, we moved upstairs and as soon as we got up top two US marines enter. Bullets fill the room! My screen goes red. Insanity goes down and I back down the steps I came up. "Click" a moment later and without ammo I'm gunned down.

There were two enemies in the room. I opened up full auto shooting from the hip and didn't kill any. What went wrong?

Well, I didn't settle my gun before I shot so my accuracy must have been low; I was spraying like a mad man. Perhaps they got hit but it wasn't enough? I wonder if I should have gotten my iron sights up before I reached the top of the stairs. Would that have given me more accuracy?

Another thing we could have done was possibly toss two grenades into the room first. Wondering if that is standard procedure for clearing rooms.

Perhaps I should have composed myself better and made sure my aim was on target instead of spraying so much. Looking forward to the TGU class on "Clearing Rooms."

Our entire squad had to regroup after the failed supress and flank. We headed to the same area entering the alleys from the main street near the water. What is this street commonly called?

I was third into the alley. Our Pointman was taken down and I saw two enemy soldiers. But then my mind went blank and I didn't do anything! I thought as always, "Is that the enemy?" By the time i realized they were it was too late.

As soon as I got out of the jeep I should have been in alert mode. The enemy could be around the next corner. They were in that situation.

We were wiped out and started again from Main, that little staging area east of South Village. I found myself truck driver for our squad. We head out and decide to stop way short of our last engagement area. As soon as we disembark, bullets richocheted off of the truck and as I looked behind us, nestled in a walled grassy area is a full squad unloading their guns on us. I tried to get out of the line of fire but a grenade kills me and we are wiped out again in no time.

I wish I could have heard what that squad was saying when we drove and parked the truck right in front of their ambush. Maybe they weren't even ambushing at all but there we were, a full squad with its back to them.

Regrouped again and move out in a jeep. We stopped at another location and head into a building. There to greet us is another squad both downstairs and upstairs. We get wiped again. We realize we are a magnet for ambushes.

Things weren't going so well for us or for our team-- we were losing South Village. The US had all the flags except Fortress so Insanity pulls us back to defend Fortress. At that point, I wondered why we weren't bleeding to death because we only have one flag. The enemy snuck into the hills SE of Fortress and got behind us. This for sure is the end I thought. But we defend the attack.

Insanity takes us to the little town NE of Fortress. We build a FOB and on the rooftops build AA to try and get one of the US heli's. A few fly by with squads loaded but we aren't able to bring them down. Time to move out again-- we were called back to the front line. Only trouble is we had two guys stuck on the roof with no rope down. Our specialist was AFK. So SL orders me to get the medic kit. He looks up and says to the guys, "Jump!" One died on impact. I revived him and got him up.

MEC took back South Village. We were also pushing NW taking flags. Soon after we joined the attack, someone from the other team said, "GG" . I was confused. Were we really winning? Are they bluffing or something?

Once we got pushed back to Fortress I thought it was over. Somehow we managed to turn the tide and take the game 45-0. I'm curious what happened on the US side. Did they lose because they pushed too far without support?

Some things I took from the round:

-before storming into a position, it's good to do a last check of ammo, weapons, etc.
-be alert, especially in an area where there could be enemy contacts.
-room clearing: stay composed and do your best to take accurate shots.
-try to toss grenades into rooms first before clearing it (always?)