Journey of a PR Rookie 07

Tonight began my 3rd week or PR. Big game on Silent Eagle tonight, a rare map to play on and from reading the forums, found out it somehow slipped back into the rotation. I was on the German side playing with the 189th. We ended up losing but overall I thought it was a good fight-- we saw a lot of action at Central Village. Brett was leading and I volunteered for AR duty.

Some highlights and things I remember. We were west of Central Village at one point when one of our SMs spotted the Russians building something to the south. He reported AA nest. Using the bushes for cover, we moved south quickly. Tom found a good spot for my AR. Everyone said to make sure we were all set up before opening fire. I got prone in some bushes. In my sights was the AA gunner. Another Russian ran by. Brett calls out, "3...2......1........." We opened fire!! AA gunner went down quickly. I started suppressing the area and saw Brett, TMAN, and TOM storm in. It was over pretty quickly. TMAN started counting the enemy casualties. Brett ordered me to turn 180 to cover our rear, making sure that no one was sneaking up on us. Nothing spotted so we headed back into Central Village.

Another point in the round we were on the southwest side of Central Village. I was looking north down a long path on the inside of the outer wall when I spotted enemy contacts NW coming down a hill towards us. I called it out. There were at least 3. Brett had us move up and we all got ready. Can't remember too much of what happend next-- I believe we had another squad in the area but I did manage to get one of the Russians as he snuck in through a western doorway. In hindsight, perhaps I should have double checked the fire condition because when I spotted the infantry coming from the NW on that hill, I could have opened fire.

Some mistakes I made: I accidentally auto spawned back at main ><. Our medic would have been able to get me up too. This happened because I didn't press "Done" after deselecting my spawn point. Will try my best not to let that happen again. Just have to get into the habit of deselecting and pressing Done after spawning in.