Journey of a PR Rookie 08

This is my third week of playing PR and tonight's round at Iron Ridge would set the stage for one of my most memorable games of PR ever!

First round: Iron Ridge Insurgency. After l lost my whole squad to disconnects, I left as SL and joined Ytman's squad. The only problem: I was at the north end of the map and he was at the south. Orders were to move south and help Squad 3 take down the Cache in the Southern Apartment Complex. When I got there, the rest of my squad was attacking the apartments and SL tells me to make sure that no one sneaks up on us. I camped out on the hills overlooking the southern edge of the Apartments, stuck to cover best I could looking for bushes to hide in and staying prone. With my binoculars I scanned the area and didn't find anything until the cache was taken down-- I spotted two milita moving into the cache apartment. My squad regrouped and headed north but SL sent me on a special mission: scout the western side of the map. Time for some cache hunting.

I headed West. On my mind were these thoughts-- Avoid the crests of hills. Find paths through low and shadowy areas. Take it slow.

So that's what I did. I was cautious, being mindful of my surroundings and every once in a while (pretty often actually) I'd stop, find some bushes and take out my binoculars. I scanned the area, taking my time to look around and making sure it was safe. Eventually I made my way to my first big challenge: The great big river bed running north/south that cuts the map in half. It was a formidable sight and I've never been there before. My first task was to look across the chasm and see if I could see any enemy. I crept up to the ridge staying far back in cover but out enough where I could do some spotting. Binoculars out. Nothing. I crept north to the land bridge and checked the other side again. There was a complex northwest. Looked quiet. I saved up my sprint then made a dash for the other side. Halfway there I notice the water and made note that the Devs did a good job with it. As I cross over I kept sprinting until I got deep into the woods.

SL gets me on COMMs. "Angelo I want you to check out this area and tell me if there's any enemies, even just one!" I checked my map. Marker on some tiny cluster of buildings southwest on the map. "So how do I approach it?", I thought.

Thinking on the fly I figured my best bet was to approach the complex from the south of southwest. The natural approach to the position seemed to be from the east as that's where most of my teammates were. So I went south then cut west until I could approach the buildings from the south. As I got closer I made sure to take my time, even going crouch when necessary to get to a line of bushes. My heart was racing as I was anticipating the sight of armed Militia. I reached a line of cover over looking the complex, looked like a fort with walls surrounding it. Binoculars out. Looking through the windows in the walls I didn't see any movement. I reported that to SL, "South of complex looks quiet. I'm going to check the northern side." I pulled back from my position and went wide left trying to get as far away from the fort as possible but still being able to see it. Spotted with my binoculars again and still quiet. Only way to be sure there was no enemy was to go inside. I entered through the southern entrance and find my way to a house in the center. I can hear birds (if I remember correctly). The north end of the fort had a shooting range and what looked like balance beams over a pit. I reported back, "all quiet. no enemy."

Next objective: radio tower. I did much of the same, approaching the tower from the southwest and stopping pretty far out to check first before moving in to investigate. Nothing was there. Meanwhile my team was fighting furiously across the river northeast at some known cache location. I could hear the echo of gunfire.

With Radio Tower cleared, my next objective was to investigate the big apartment complex west on the map. SL theorized there must be a cache there. So I headed north and again paused for a bit to open my map and think about the best way to approach the apartments. If there was enemy there, they might be looking East I thought as that was where my team was. So I decided to go west, far west and hug the edge of the map so I could approach the apartments from the southwest. And this time the task seemed even more dangerous.

I was all alone on the western side of the map. I mean completly solo. My whole team was fighting in the eastern half so if I died, I wouldn't be coming back to for a long, long time. Another danger I felt was from the windows of all the apartments. There was no way to sneak up without detection if someone was there. So I was extra cautious. Took it really slow. I got to some low lying hills SW of the apartments and checked things out. Nothing. After waiting for a bit I make a dash for the southern buildings and looked around. It was enormous. So many floors. I found some windows to overlook the main street. Still nothing. Chatter on the radio and chat-- hard fighting for the Russians and a tough map to win. We're loosing tickets fast. I scouted the western side of the map. Quiet, only the sound of nature. I got braver, restless, and began to walk in the middle of the street. I noticed the fountain shoots water. Those Devs again.

Soon I was reunited with my squad as SL brought a Logi. Ammo crate down and we headed into the city to look around. I hadn't seen another soul in ages. Would there be a cache in the city? SL goes full auto and sprays bullets in the air. This was it! Sadly no. The round was ending and Ytman was just releasing some bullets for kicks-- saying goodbye to Iron Ridge.

All of those paragraphs to say I scouted and found nothing?! Yep. So why did I write it? Well, a part of me wants to remember my PR moments and the things I learned. My first experiences. It might of been my first round on Iron Ridge and definitely the first time I ever did scouting like that. It was a good warmup for what was coming next. My recon skills would be put to the test as I would fight for the Militia against the hard hitting Russians.