Journey of a PR Rookie 08

Last night I learned a lot about scouting and recon, and on the final round on Koselsk had one of the best games of PR so far.

The night started on Iron Ridge. Never been there before. The squad I started with all disconnected and I was left as SL. No thanks. Not yet. So I jumped into another squad led by Ytman. He was far south and I was north; a very slight problem to say the least. He had me meet up with Squad 3 and do my best to attack the cache in the southern apartments. By the time I got there (it was a long walk) the attack was well underway and I had orders to make sure no one flanked us. Stayed in the southern hills overlooking the apartments and made sure to watch west.

My method-- stay prone as best I could and find some tall bushes to hide in. After the cache was blown I saw two Militia run into the apartment but didn't have time to bring up my gun. With the cache destroyed my next assignment was to scout the western side of the map. With the rest of my squad and team heading north, I'd be on my own.

Stuck to the bushes as always and remembered to avoid the crests of hills like the plague. Read a lot on the forums about how it gives you a silhouette against the sky. I believe it. I made my way to the big dry river bed. Definitely a sight to see. Inched my way to the cliff until I could spot the other side of the river. With my binoculars I couldn't see anything. Looked quiet. How do I get down? The only way seemed to be a land bridge a little north of me. I investigated it with no signs of enemy. Saved up my sprint and made a dash for the other side. When I got there I got a new mission: scout out the fort in the SW of the map. Report any contacts, even one!

Instead of approaching the fort from the east, I wanted to come from an unexpected angle so I went around and came up from the south. My heart was beating fast! Nestled into some low lying hills I brought out my binoculars and scoped out the fort. No movement in the windows. Swung around west and checked things out. Nothing. The only way for me to know for sure was to go inside.

All I found were empty rooms, a shooting range, and apparently some balance beams that the Militia use for balancing purposes.

Next mission: Radio Tower. By this time I'm getting used to checking my surroundings, stopping pretty often and looking through my binoculars. There's a sort of peace about it, just walking in the woods (in this case virtual woods. nerd!). I got to Radio Tower. No movement, no signs of Militia. In the distance I heard the echo of gunfire. My squad was in the heat of battle in the east along with my entire team. I had the lone green blip in the west.

By that time I realized my mission was intel; report back what I can find. Not necessarily to kill. I was doing recon! And I hoped I would see some sort of enemy contact soon. The last mission I got was to check out the gigantic apartment complex on the westside. Again, wanted to approach from an unlikely angle so I came in from the SW. To say it was a ghost town is an understatement. If my memory serves me correctly, I remembered hearing birds (virtual ones). I took a nice walk through the city streets and noticed a fountain with water. Thought, "nice touch Devs." Eventually my squad met up with me in the apartments. Finally I saw some friendly faces and team tags. Now we'd do this right and clear some buildings. We'd find those caches for sure. Not quite. Ytman started shooting his gun full auto and then next thing I saw was, "...loosing connection." The round ended.

I didn't fire a single shot and I died once with my first squad. On the surface it looked like it was uneventful, and to an extent it was, but I was able to get a lot of practice being a recon-- making sure I was cautious, taking my time, spotting with my binoculars, and reporting to my SL. It was a lot of fun actually.

My time and short experience with scouting would pay off on the next round and give me one of my most memorable fights in PR so far.

I was playing Militia and we were fighting on Koselsk.

I joined Ytman's squad again and we would try to hold on to Hill 17 for as long as we could. The longer we did that the better it was for us. After setting up some FOBs, we took the hills north of Hill 17 with our only orders to defend at all costs. I couldn't see from my vantage point so I crept down to the ground and amongst the trees went prone. Got my binoculars out. Saw a Logi and an infantry SW of me. SE of me was a view of the fort at Hill 17, behind the barbed wire. I thought, "this isn't a good spot, I'm too exposed." But luckily no one took the towers or looked in my direction. Next thing I know a Russian soldier ran north out of the fort but he didn't see me because I was prone. I opened fire! He dove to the ground and I couldn't see him so I went to a knee and fired a few more bursts bringing him down.

Over COMMs SL informed us that we were loosing our FOB. He wanted a report so me and another SM verified: mortars. I could see the plume of smoke rise out of the tree line. Awfully close. The sound got even closer. My screen went red. Dead red. Only thing I could do was respawn east at another FOB. And literally 5 seconds out of this new spawn point, another mortar hit me square and I died.

Respawned. I began to move south around Hill 17. We had lost it. Our Militia forces had it surrounded though and would be fighting for it back. I checked my map and saw a marker-- demolitions. SL told me it was a suspected mortars nest, please go check it out. The marker was within 100m. Felt a lot like Iron Ridge. I thought about the position and how best to approach. Just like before, tried to come at a different angle. I headed south and would try to come in from the east. I got danger close to it and got down quick to prone. Binoculars. SW couldn't see anything. I turn my eyes southward and then I saw a terrifying sight; coming into my view was a full squad running straight for my position!

No bullets fired yet. They didn't see me. Good. Over COMMs I'm ecstatic and my squad could hear the excitement in my voice, "Enemy Contact! Southwest, 50 meters moving north!!!" Without cover I did what I could and moved east. No time to run so I hit the dirt looking west. They appeared right in front of me no more than 25 meters away; tight column formation, sprinting. I didn't know what to do but thought to let them pass. I double checked my count, "1....2....3.....4.......5......" The fifth was rear guard even looking behind himself to make sure it was clear. His gun swept over my position! I thought I was dead for sure but he continued on to his squad and disappeared behind some low hills.

I radio'd SL. "5 Infantry heading north. I think I can sneak up behind them." He replied, "Go for it!!"

Roger that.

This is the moment. No time to think. I race west and before I know it I'm at the hill they disappeared behind. Gun readied at single shot. I moved along the western slope of the hill, looked up and saw the backs of the enemy squad. Two in the distance and the rear guard right in front of me with another to his right. I took aim on the rear guard. 3 shots fired and he fell. I pulled back behind the hill and immediately got Grenades out-- tossed one over the hill in front of me and another thrown NE. The explosion and smoke caught the attention of my SM moving in from the northeast. I checked my map and saw a sight to see-- Squad 6 was moving in with my SM and had a perfect line formation facing west.

Instead of staying where I was I crept east a little before diving to the ground again. I got eyes on the enemy-- still close but out of grenade reach. They were trying to shield themselves from the hail of gunfire coming from the east. 2 were left. I did what I could to suppress them and hopefully make it a little easier on squad 6.

More friendlies arrived and soon the enemy was overrun. Squad 6 and my SM swept through and I linked up with them. SL had some good news. Time to head back northwest. While we were engaging the enemy squad, the rest of our team had taken back Hill 17. The battle was just beginning.

--End of AAR

There was more that happened but that's a good place as any to end it. Perhaps I'll save the other stories for another blog entry. It involves the continued defense of Hill 17 with us trying to hold off a mech infantry squad and also while scouting again, I made a mistake I hadn't made in a long time- bringing out a grenade and misclicking right mouse button.

The round on Koselsk gave me a personal best KD of 6-4, four of those kills coming from the ambush to the south. I can't say for sure but my SM to the east was Ducktape and he did a fine job keeping communication going as we both pinned and attacked the enemy squad.

Definitely a round of PR that I'll remember for a long, long time.