Journey of a BF2:PR Rookie 10

I play on the Graveyard Shift on the TG server, those precious last few rounds before the server empties for the night. West Coast PST is my time zone. Tonight was a little strange. I got home from work to play some PR and by 8:30 p.m. the server was down to five players? Usually it's full until at least 10:00 p.m. Very strange. So tonight my Night Shift started a little earlier. Instead of doing my usual rounds on either the =]H[=, CIA, or HOG servers, I thought I would play a little Skirmish. In the Skirmish games I usually play in, players are scattered everywhere and you can kind of do your own thing. That was exactly what I was looking for because I wanted to work on some basics-- things like staying in cover as I moved, figuring out how to shoot better, etc. I also wanted to use my time to practice with kits that I hardly get to use.

First stop was a Chinese server on Asad Khal. I took a basic Riflemen Kit and worked on moving in cover. I learned this yesterday from HappyTimes123 while he and I were a two man squad moving from building to building in Beruit. He's been playing for over two years and the way he moves on the battlefield is so natural for him. When he gets to a building, he immediately gets to the wall, sometimes he'll go prone and other times he will crouch. He'll never stand when he reaches a new building. Always checking his surroundings. I noticed too that when he gets to a corner, before he rounds it, he gets his sights up ready to shoot. He told me to go full auto unless I have a verified target that is far because he's been caught so many times rounding a corner by an enemy while he only had single shot. So I practiced these things as I felt his advice was sound. One last thing I wanted to say about HappyTimes123. He is a smart SL and very friendly. He's been playing PR for over two years primarily on the TG server and last night on the Beruit round, it was his first time wearing the |TG| tag. I asked him how it felt and he said it felt really good. Cool huh?

After my movement practice I picked up the Grenadier Kit. This kit has intrigued me for weeks but I never got around to using it that much. Sometimes I will ask the SL if I can pick it up but when I do, I don't seem to have any opportunity to lob grenades. So tonight on Asad Khal I got my practice. We were fighting in the south fields and I could see IDF troops in the distance. I checked range, adjusted my sights and practiced firing grenades down range. It's very tricky and takes a lot of skill. Definitely need more practice with it. When the round on Asad Khal finished it went to Siege on Ocha_?__ so I left and looked for another Skirmish server.

Next stop: the Blackwater server. Home to the Blackwater clan, I found myself in a nice little squad vs squad match on Silent Eagle. COMMs were good and I like the style of play from the regulars. Even though the scale of the fight was small, it was still very intense. I came in as riflemen (iron sights) and our squad had most of the flags. There was some good fights amongst the buildings and I got some practice clearing rooms. At one point, my squadmates told me that in a building were three enemies; if I lobbed a grenade in I might be able to take them out. I got to the building and saw an enemy run by a window on the second floor. So I gave it a shot. I tossed my grenade and it went through the window! Awesome! Without thinking I dashed into the house and looked for the stairs. Grenade went off. Through smoke I ran up the stairs and saw the backs of two enemies. Auto fire brought them down. I was so stoked! I informed my squad of the kills and then I was dead. In my celebration I failed to see the third German lying prone right at the top of the stairs. But soon my squad secured the perimeter of the house and quickly stormed in, killing the last defender and got me up. Big lesson learned though. As Han Solo once told a young Jedi-to-be, (nerd quote coming, wait for it...) "Don't get cocky kid!" I was so happy to bring down the first two enemies that I let my guard down and didn't check to see if the rest of the second floor was clear. Need to always make sure.

After we secured the house, SL wanted one of us to help him defend our flag but one of the SMs noticed that we had just one ticket left. It was too risky for us to leave the house. We were capping though and all we had to do was stay alive just a little bit longer. And then it happend; we capped and the Germans lost tickets. We won the round 1-0!

So what did I learn on the Graveyard Shift tonight? Well for one, if you want to work on some things on your own, a good place to do that might be on one of the Skirmish servers like the Chinese one I visited tonight. Squads were loose so I felt it was okay to do my own thing. Next time I'm there though I will probably make my own squad to practice.

Secondly, there is a great place to play Skirmish on the Blackwater server. Teamwork was good with solid communication and I was really impressed that a 6 vs 6 round could be so satisfying. The =BW= players were very friendly and I definitely would like to play there again. I highly recommend anyone looking for some quality play to check out the Blackwater server.

*Which makes me think, what do you guys think about running Skirmish mode on the the BF2:PR server when the player count starts to drop for the night? I usually see a really small number of people playing AAS but what if it was Skirmish? Tonight showed me that Skirmish rounds can be just as fun and intense as full scale AAS. What do you think? I don't know what the average numbers are at around 11:00 p.m. PST but all we would need is at least 10 players to do a 5 vs 5. And there are other players out there that are playing Skirmish at that time. If we ran Skirmish they might find there way to our server and our community.