Journey of a PR Rookie 12b

Al Basrah

CR8Z had a squad so I hopped in, excited to be a SM again and take some rest. I've been in CR8Z's squads many times before and I always enjoy them. He's a great SL. The early part of the round saw us in the SW of the map, trying to get one of those portable bridges set up. It took two of them to span the ditch and while CR8Z drove back to Main to resupply, the first Logi went across, and flipped into the water. It blew up moments later with me in it! Soon after that a technical spotted us and drove into our position. We tried to bring it down and with the car on fire, the driver got out, civillian with arms raised. -BZ-BigWill shot him! That wouldn't be the first civillian he would shoot in the round. And I'm not talking with a shotgun either ^^

Unfortunately CR8Z had to call it a night because his game crashed so we got a new SL. I can't remember his name but for some reason he didn't talk or type and he didn't pick up the Officer's Kit. The squad kind of did their own thing slowly moving east. We tried to get the SL to talk but he eventully left the game. That's when I saw I was SL. I was kinda excited actually. These were a good bunch of guys and so I picked up the Officer's Kit and started to get the squad organized. I had us regroup and set a marker in the city. Simple plan-- we'd move east and explore. We soon were ambushed by technicals and had to respawn.

I didn't want to attack the same way as before so we took some Rovers and headed far east to the bridge just above the industrial area. The bridge was blown so we got out of the vehicles and went on foot. But first I told everyone to regroup-- we were going to get into fireteams. Yesterday I had tried 3 fireteams with 2 men in each but I found that it made things more complicated. So tonight I tried just 2 fireteams with 3 men in each. Alpha and Bravo. I was in Alpha and had the AR in Bravo along with the medic. The rest were riflemen. I told the squad that I wanted us to move out with one squad covering the other. Washburn volunteered to be teamleader for Bravo. I agreed and we headed south to the industrial complex. Teams took turns setting up and being on overwatch while the other team leaped up. It was fun. This is the style I like and feel at home in. It's what TMAN taught me in Fool's Road-- take it nice and slow, cover 360. We moved through the fence and headed to the silos. No sign of enemy contact. Bravo moved into the warehouse and Alpha followed. One of our SMs fired a shot SE without my command. There was a shooter on that island SE. The enemy new were were coming. We made it up some steps into the next area when I took gunfire and was wounded. Our medic, Paine (funny name for a medic right?) got me up but a grenade landed and I was dead and had to respawn at Main.

With my squad fully operational in the industrial area, what was my next plan? I saw that we didn't have any firebases up in the area and figured getting back into the silos would be tough so my next objective was this: get a firebase up. I told the squad to hang on and that I was going to build a firebase north of them. I got a logi. Washburn died and had to respawn. We both headed out. My plan was to cross the river but we couldn't find a suitable land bridge so I ended up building the firebase next to the main bridge (that was blown). Sadly, I build the firebase on top of the two crates that I dropped! So we had just one crate that I believe we got from the Rover, a small one.

Now we had a firebase and we headed out again. The squad said that they liked doing the overwatch movement with fireteams, "fun playing tactical." Awesome. We moved acrossed the river again and spotted Insurgents streaming out of the SW heading north. On the map I could see they were heading to our other squads.

We moved up to the pipes north of Industry and looked SW from the cover we got from the main bridge. Spotted a mortars nest and hideout in the open. Enemy was far, over 50 meters but we decided to do a suppress and manuever on the mortars. I ordered Bravo to setup and overwatch the mortars then had Alpha move up. Objective: take down the mortars and firebase. It was a LONG run to that position but when we got there Washburn had already killed one of the Insurgents. I told BigWill to take out the hideout and mortars. Once that was done, I had Bravo move up to our position.

Then we had a big engagement at the pipes. There were always bikes and technicals circling us, like vultures. We used the pipes and took shots at the enemy. Someone spotted enemy contacts south in the pipes, again pretty far out. I was getting used to placing attack markers and so put one on the enemy position. Our squad opened fire. Unsure of whether or not the enemy was alive, the squad suggested we do a suppress and manuever again. I agreed since it worked the last time so Washburn got Bravo setup and me, BigWill, and 1k rushed up to clear the area. BigWill got one and everything was clear. We were in the open with less than desirable cover so my next plan was to get us into the Industrial area again. Washburn got Bravo up to our position. He was a good team leader, taking initiative but allowing me to give the main orders and plan. We got to the base of the pipes just before the fence into the Silos when we were hit by Insurgents. They sent bomb cars into our position and they blew up most of our squad. It's one of those moments where everyone laughs it was so crazy. Luckily I survived (barely) and managed to get our medic up. Some of the guys had to respawn but we were ready to make a break for the silos. BigWill went first and as soon as he reached the fence, he was wounded. This is probably one of the memorable moments of the round for me. The objective: get BigWill revived.

I had Washburn setup Bravo on the high ground overlooking the fence. There was a big rectangular container between us and BigWill. Alpha moved up and Paine (our medic) took initiative and moved up with us so he could get BigWill up. We hit the container and checked the other side for contacts. Paine was wounded. Washburn fired with Bravo. I got Paine up and we began to suppress the marker. Spotted an Insurgent running west away from fire. I informed the squad, getting an attack marker on him. Bravo was able to take out the Insurgent. Paine dropped some smoke while the rest of us covered. We called the directions we were watching. With BigWill up Bravo moved up and we were all safely into the fence line and into the Industry.

From here on out our objective was simple, keep heading south and see what we can find. We had squads to our west as support. Through the silos we took the same path leading up to the warehouse, one team overwatching while the other moved up. We headed up the steps where I died before. We paused, checked SW. RPG spotted but got away. We continued but this time avoiding the firing lane from the SE. Alpha in front and Bravo in back. I took point. Not ideal but it evolved into that. I checked back and the squad was tight, all together. This is what it's all about I thought.

Moments later I spot another mortars nest and just as I put down the attack marker the Insurgents open fire. I immediately tell my squad to return fire. By this time we were used to the suppress and manuever having used it twice before so the squad was ready and knew what to do. Washburn set up Bravo. I ordered suppressing fire on the mortar pit. Washburn made sure that his team was all firing and Alpha moved up. No Insurgents were alive when we got to the pit. I threw down an insindiary.

Soon our squad was taking fire and we heard the booming sound of Insurgent Hip Hop getting louder and LOUDER. A technical drove past my position in an alley and slowly picked our squad apart. We lost the northern firebase and had to respawn.

I made it a point to tell our squad that we made a great run and everyone agreed. It was the first time as I squad leader that my SMs told me they had a good time. And I must say, there's no better reward or feeling in PR. You could hear it in their voices and mine. Just knowing that we stuck together as a squad and supported one another through some heavy firefights. Being able to use tactics like suppressing and manuever and seeing it work. Taking out mortar pits and dying to bomb cars. It was a great round.

Funny thing is we didn't find a single cache that round; but the great thing is, it didn't matter.