Journey of a PR Rookie 13

I've been using FRAPS to record my gameplay and there are two reasons for this. First, it's to capture those epic moments; those times that you wished someone had been recording. Secondly, I want to document my progress through the game as I learn things and as I try to become a better player.

On this round I played Medic and wanted to make sure I dropped patches on wounded soldiers prior to reviving them. This gives them a boost of health as soon as they are revived and I believe this enables them to run to cover. Without the patch, they can only walk? So I tried to do this on every revive I did and I did notice that my squadmates were able to run to cover.

One thing as a medic I'm learning to do as well is to give directions to the wounded soldiers to where I want them to go after the revive. This is so they know where the cover is. Sometimes though you can tell him to stay put or to cover a certain direction. It depends.

Medic is quite fun to play as you get to hang back from the frontline and take care of your squad which is very rewarding. You keep the squad operational. Something I learned from playing with YrKidding is to have a positive and reassuring voice. Let your squad know that you will get to them and that you'll "get them up." It reassures them and in my mind gives confidence to the squad knowing that they have a medic that is looking out for them.

As the medic, it's important to stay safe so I try to stay in the back of the formation and watch our backside. Someone will always try to flank you or sneak up on your squad. You can cover that. And although I try to stay back and safe, I try not to avoid firefights and do my best to be a soldier first. The squad needs firepower so if I sit in cover, it doesn't help. Just be mindful of when you can join the fight and when you need to stay safe so you can revive your guys later.

Oh, one big thing I really need to work on as medic is learning how to heal myself. This is so basic but it seems like a difficult thing to do. You have to get out your medic pack, stand up and look down, or go prone and look up. I try this but it seems like I'm still taking damage. I usually panic and just throw down patches and this isn't good. The patches should be used for others and in situations where healing with the medic pack would take too long.

Still planning to do more squad leading and these videos are very helpful to see what other squad leaders do in different situations. Now that I have videos, I can go back any time and study them.