Journey of a PR Rookie 14

Kokan yesterday-- getting back into some squad leading. Early in the round I was killed and my squad had a good vantage point on an Insurgent hideout or cache and was able to get a lot of kills. Had a lot of fun firefights battling in the SW over a bridge and making a push on a cache after a JDAM hit. Didn't really use fireteams, mostly I just set up the AR in a covering position. EliteShooter was a big help in advising me on firebase locations and where to place wire.

Had some trouble with lazing targets for CAS support but got help in the forums so I should be good to go next time. One thing I notice in these videos is that I talk very fast and say probably more than I need to. I like E-Male's approach of being clear and concise. That's the thing I want to work on in the next round.