The server is unusually empty tonight. There are only 5 players and we just finished a small skirmish on Korengal Valley. Did the server crash? Where is everyone? ECHO, ECHo, Echo, ech...o... So with the downtime I have before me, I thought I would do some writing as I miss it. Two things I wanted to write about; the first is using the AR on the recent password night on Yamalia and the second is the things I'm doing now to clear rooms of enemies.

Journey of a PR Rookie 17

Automatic Riflemen on Yamalia

I was in Boogy's squad on the Russian side given the task of using the AR. Some things I learned was that it's good to stay in the back of the squad so you have a wide view to cover your squadmates. This feels the most comfortable. Once contacts were made, I'd pour down the suppressive fire, not really looking for killshots but just to get a lot of fire down range. We patrolled Echo Flag a lot looking for enemy FOBs and at one point we did manage to find a mortar pit. I was setup looking right at them and that's always fun-- when they don't spot you. Ristin and the others charged in with grenades and I opened fire. I was well behind my squad and had a good field of view able to spot anyone coming in from the flanks. But then for some reason I decided to move up out of cover and go prone next to a mortar pit. When I did this I had a feeling that this wasn't good. For one, I was not in good cover and two, by being right next to my squad, I ended up giving the enemies just one area to shoot at versus two. Let me explain.

When i was initially set up, I was a little split from my squad. I could still cover them but I was far enough away that there were a lot of good things happening; we could get crossfire possibly and the enemy would have to aim at two different spots to take us down. By moving up, I took all those advantages away. It's really strange though because it was all based on feeling. It didn't feel right to be right next to my squad in that situation. It felt really good being a little back and "covering" them.

Later on in the round we were sweeping the area again, often going prone to look and wait for the enemy. Sure enough on my right flank three enemy contacts appeared, one almost stepping right on top of me. I opened fire on that guy, brought him down and immediately saw the other two go prone and start shooting. I was hurt bad but somehow managed to kill them too. All was clear. Ristin told me to change position and this was good because they would be looking for me. I switched and sure enough they came back with a vengeance. I tried to wall off a flank with smoke but they charged through it anyway. I thought I heard a knife coming out and the next thing I know I'm wounded looking up and seeing Wookie in red letters above me. Nice move! :)

In hindsight, I regret a little that I didn't stay closer to the wounded enemies that I shot just prior. They would have gone back to revive and had I been positioned a little farther back, I might have been able to get them. One of the things that I learned was that in that situation, they will most likely come to us, for revenge and to revive their squad so we have an advantage, something that Boogy echoed during the round. If we stay still, it's hard for them to see us. We can spot them moving a whole lot easier. So we wait and let them come to us. I find that very true.

So to summarize what I learned with the AR that day; keep some distance from your squad so you have a good covering angle. If they assault and you have overwatch, if you have a good position, think real hard about moving in closer. It just might flatten your formation out and make it easier for your enemies to shoot all of you. Another one is: after taking out some enemies, pull back and stay in view of the wounded, you might just catch the squad coming back for revives. And lastly, when you know the enemy is coming, stay still and often times you will have the advantage (well, unless they flank you).

*checked the server again and now it's EMPTY!? :O I'm in some bizarro world. It's only 9:45 PST...

A Tactic for Clearing Out Rooms

Recently I've been using a tactic to clear out rooms and it's had some success. On Dragonfly last week, our squad was defending Train Station when Warlab and I spotted some enemies going into a little one roomed building (house?). Warlab had good overwatch on it so I asked him to suppress the door. This allowed me to close the distance and get to the building. Then I tossed in a nade through a window and timed it so when it went off, I went dashing through the front door. There was an enemy in the room and I took him down but Warlab said there was one more. I glanced over and spotted contact outside of the buliding and shot out the window. Another enemy down. Clearing a room like that is always a good feeling and it feels even better when you use teamwork.

I also used a similar tactic on Jabal a few days ago. We were MEC and our team was getting a major pounding by Cougar's team. We got pushed all the way back to the flag across the bridge (can't remember the name at the moment) when TMAN sent us across the river to infiltrate the city. We snuck in under AR cover and found enemy in a second story building. Some of the squad was taken out and it was just me and Noniol left with the AR. Once again I asked for suppressive fire on the door and me and Noniol got our grenades out. We got up the steps, heard enemies dying inside but it wasn't because of our grenades. The server had a major crash. I was the only survivor. Inside was a four man squad. Would have loved to try and breach that room. We were just about to!

Those two examples show me that using suppressive fire is a great way to approach something, like a room you want to clear. The enemy won't be looking out of windows if all that is coming in is bullets. They'll be focused on staying alive and in cover. Then the next thing that happens is a grenade goes off blurring their vision and then the sound of small arms fire. If you time it right and be aggressive as you enter a room, you have a good chance to clear it. But of course, it might be good to know before hand how many are in the room before you enter it.

Be sure to check out the videos of Tom_King's squad leading. I added some bleeps to it to make it safe for work ^^

The link is here: