Before my little scouting expedition, this is what I know about Jabal Al Burj. There's a complex Dam with many levels and catwalks that I am unfamiliar with. I've had to defend North Bridge recently but unfamiliar with hills to its north. Don't know the layout of Jabal the town too well nor the area to its east. Never been to the far western side of the map. Deployed at East Beach a few times as US and been to hills south of Jabal once.

Expedition of Jabal Al Burg begins.

Explored hills north of North Bridge. Lots of little dead spaces for infantry and perhaps a sneaky US FOB for an attack on North Bridge. I wonder how well the helis can fly to that position by hugging the eastern side of the map? Mike 2 is pretty far off from the North Bridge flag.

Took a look at the hills just above Jabal on the southern side of the river. On the west side of the bridge road the hills overlook some kind of wearhouse at India 5k4. Entrance is through a fence near the huge water tower or through a main entrance on the western side of the factory complex. (which looks cool btw).

Heading into Jabal from the north, from the western side of North Bridge, you have to first swim then cross open ground and there are numerous overwatching positions covering this area-- watertower, warehouse roof, factory, not to mention the formidable mountains to the south-west. Need to explore that.

View from the SW mountains overlooking river; open ground north of the warehouse. Pretty far and the sprint distance doesn't seem too far. I'd use smoke as cover and go for the hole in the fence. Another avenue might be to hug the southern side of the road leading into Jabal from the Dam. This dead ground gives cover and those on the mountains have limited view of it. Your only problem is crossing the open ground that leads to the western entrance to the warehouse. Again, would use smoke here.

Possible good MG nest at Hotel 6k7sub4 to cover north approach into Jabal west of North Bridge. Ideal killzone is west of watertower. Lots of open ground to cover. MG nest would cover almost two grids.

Took a look at the road running out of Jabal west to check the dead ground. You do have cover from the overwatch of the hills and you should be able to creep close to the warehouse entrance using crouch and hugging the southern side of the road but once you start to see the factory, you better lay some smoke and get ready to make a run for it. It may be possible to get to this road from the river somewhere around Golf 5k8 but will have to check tomorrow.

1:00 a.m. PST. Time for sleep. Tomorrow the expedition continues. Learning a lot and already I can feel my confidence level rise just getting a little more familiar with the map. Also fun to think about approaches into certain areas and how I would defend and assault it. Gives me things to try as a squad leader and possible things to look out for. Of course, things may be completely different in game but for now it's fun to imagine what could happen. Jabal is one of my favorite maps and really looking forward to exploring Jabal Al Burj (the town) and also the Dam.