I found some entries in my PR log on my computer that I kept before my TG blog and reading them brought a smile to my face. Here are some of the entries from a month ago:


Basic Squad Leader course was good today. Lots of people showed up-- Keating, YRkidding, Desant, to name a few. Learned a lot; some things to remember:

-when you are fired upon, immediately get cover and return fire. then SL can assess the situation and decide what to do next--flank, fall back, smoke, etc.
-3 two man fireteams seems like a good solution. very versatile and when contact is made, usually the enemy doesn't see the whole squad. Then the other fireteams can manuever. On defense, you can have the Command fireteam in reserve then shift it to where the action is. For bounding overwatch, the support fireteam can get into place then the rest of the squad can move up.
-secure an area first, before going in for the flag, check perimeter for firebases. cut off the reinforcements first, then neutralize the flag.


Played great game on Muttra as MEC. Wasn't able to join my 189th buddies and their "Poopie" Squad but found a great squad with Maxwell_Q_Klinger leading along with Andy_Bit*h and Ghost__?__. There was another but I can't remember, sorry!

I was playing medic and tried my best to stay in cover and not get exposed, just shooting when my squad was massing fire on a target. We took out some mortars at docks and swept around coming back south on the East side. Eventually we made a push back to Docks later in the round with the rest of the team. Met two MG nests overlooking a warehouse but with smoke managaed to get out of there. Andy did a great job with AR, setting up and covering large open areas.

Squad finished the night going 30-4 which is kinda crazy. We always made sure that we had security 360 and with our team at our flanks, there was nothing to worry about as there was always support nearby.

Next round was Insurgency and we were US. Maxwell was nice enough to send me an invite. First one I ever got (oustide of my IHS) so that was cool.
Trying to play with new people when I can and meet more players in the community. Good rounds tonight.

12:45 a.m.

Just finished insanely long game on Silent Eagle and never fought in south village. Mostly fought in Tunnels and had to retake it at least 4 times. Had a good squad with something close to 40 kills and half as many deaths. I finished the round top 5 with 1000 points and 9-4.

Squad Leader was good, not so much micro orders but after finishing his time with the APC joined us on the ground. He had a lot of kills while staying alive in Tunnels. Threw a lot of grenades in the Tunnels to clear out floors before we used the stairs.

One mistake was rushing to the front of the main tunnel and then getting cut down by a squad on overwatch on the other side. I guess you should always check your surroundings?

TG server had roughly 25 people when the map switched. This was at 12:45 a.m.

Some thoughts on the first squad leader I had:

Maxwell: made sure that we had 360 security and personally told people which sectors to cover. AR one way, riflemen another, and medic (me) with him. He would set up the support guys then move up. Then once he was in position, had the support guys move up. When the area was too hot, we pulled back when needed.