Played a few rounds in Yrkidding's squad last night and had a lot of fun. Started off in Silent Eagle and we had a hard time as the Russians at first with no easy way to combat their armor. The flag we were defending was the complex SW of Tunnels. We got into one of the bunkers, made a defense and was able to hold for a while. Round ended with a loss for us but it was only the beginning of what would be a great night of PR.


Our first objective was Industrial Complex. We swam in and took up residence in the warehouse. YrKidding built a very creative FOB on top of the crates (which later earned praise from the enemy). We got reports of Militia to our NE so we investigated, checking out the ladder from the water. Kidding was shot but one of our SMs took out the Militia soldier. I went to go check the river thinking they would retreat and saw them running east along the northern wall of the compound. They didn't see me unti I opened fire. Took one down and backed up to chuck a grenade. There was a guy on the eastern corner and after a few exchanges of fire he was down. We heard coughing and I looked down to see one of the Militia die from bleeding out from the grenade.

With the north clear we set up shop in the warehouse. Kidding added to his fortifications (something we learned that he loves to do) by adding an MG on the crates facing south. It would suprise any Militia that happend to look into the warehouse. We were there on the defense for a while and held off a squad and a few attacks. In the downtime we all talked and it was good conversation. We were doing well and our confidence was rising. Kidding was setting up some wire and then the enemy hit. We had our guards down for just an instant and paid the price. Our squad was taken out very quickly and we lost our beloved Industrial complex.

We spawned in west of it and made our way to it again but took some fire from the hills south of Industrial. We held up in the little bunkers west of Industrial just north of the road. A sniper or marksman picked us off numerous times forcing us to revive constantly. We stayed there for a while until reinforcments arrived and we all made our assault on Industrial. We were the third squad in and after turning the flag, the round ended. GG. In mumble we all said it was a lot of fun and all decided to have a go at it again and be in the same squad.

Lessons learned:

The Marksman rifle for British is SICK (meaning super good). You can deploy it and by going auto you have a very accurate LMG type gun. Never new the Marksman rifle was so good and for British at least will try to incorporate it into my squads and see how it goes.

Never let your guard down because it might be the time when the enemy strikes. After holding Industrial for a while, we were in a good mood with a lot of confidence. In a blink of an eye we lost the flag.


As IDF we took a jeep and headed for the eastern flag which seemed to be located in the middle of nowhere on a road. We took some fire while Kidding drove the jeep in circles so we could cap. A few of the guys were got motion sickness lol. Once the flag turned we headed for Coastal. When we disembarked, I saw a squad of Russians on the low ground north of us checking an ammo crate. We opened fire and was able to wipe most of them out. Falling back to the buildings we picked more guys off but that eastern flag fell again so we had to leave. Our squad managed a 9-1 at Coastal-- a good start.

Racing back to East we saw a Heli leaving the H building area south of Factory. Kidding drove by and we saw a FOB. He drove us right in and half our squad went to clear the north wing and the rest cleared south. Reports of enemy were on the third floor so we all met at the north side and at the stairway we pincered the enemy squad. More contacts in the hallway and we were holding well. All clear. We got all our guys up. Next stop, Factory.

Taking the jeep again we made a break for Factory driving right in and spotting enemy east. We took cover in one of the central buildings but a Russian on the roof started picking us off. We revived and made our way to check the east side of Factory and spotted enemy FOB at the NE end. On route to it the Russians started to spawn in and I opened fire (perhaps prematurely as I'm not positive they saw us). A few steps later I was dead (possibly from the sniper at the tower).

Our squad had to respawn again and we took transport to the fence on the eastern side of Factory, on the outside. Kidding had me and Fishman go on overwatch as the rest of the squad bounded up. We did this twice and was able to get into the two story building at NE Factory. Kidding took down the FOB and we defended the building. There we took down some infantry as they were dropped off by heli, hid from armor, and tried to shoot the sniper on the tower. Eventually we had reinforcements and another squad climbed the long ladder to take out the sniper. Things were looking good as we took all the flags and the Russians must have been bleeding. One of their guys said, "gg" but it wasn't over yet. The Russian Havoks were doing runs on our building and we were wiped out. We lost Factory and with no FOBs for reinforcements close by, we never took it back.

The rest of the round saw some firefights throughout the city and eventually we did manage to win the round. GG. Best part was our squad; the same guys from the Dragonfly round. Had some really great teamwork and friendly vibe in the squad and Yrkidding did a great job of keeping us on the flags. One of the SMs even remarked that his clanmates like to play on other servers but from his experience of the past couple rounds and the teamwork he saw at TG, he's going to recommend that they visit out server more often.

Lessons learned:

Biggest thing that sticks out in my mind was once we had capped out the Russians, we couldn't hold Factory. It seems that at most we had about one and a half squads there with the majority of our team at other locations on the map. Had most of the team rallied to Factory, at least in my mind, I believe we could have held it.

Hats off to the Russians though who never gave up even after losing Factory. They hit us hard, reclaimed the flag and made a good fight until the end. GG