Great games tonight and did some squad leading on Dragonfly. Yrkidding was in my squad as medic with some other familiar and friendly faces ^^ One thing I wanted to write down was an assault we did on the Northwest Fields flag.

Playing as Militia, we crossed the river north and was at the western edge of the fields. We got eyes on the flag and spotted heavy fortifications-- MG nests (plural?), Foxholes, FOB. I had an idea. The plan was to have a fireteam stay at that position, which was west of the flag at an embankment and fire on the flag defenders (who were right on the flag in the middle of the fields). The other fireteam would manuever north and to the east and would attack the flag moving south. As the first fireteam opened fire, it would draw all the attention from the defenders, then our other team would hit and assault. I informed the squad of the plan and everyone seemed to be excited about it. So here's how it went down.

I stayed with the "base of fire" team west of the flag. The other team moved out and we got eyes on the defense. We saw at least four infantry defending all looking south, away from us and the guys who were manuevering behind them. The walk for the manuevering team was a long one. At one point, one of the guys suggested that we make the assault because we had the covered approach. The manuever team would have to advance over open fields. I thought that made sense but we didn't have grenades and also someone in the assaulting fireteam wanted to do the assaulting ^^, so the plan continued. The assaulting fireteam got into position due north of the flag. I ordered them to move out. It was tense! We didn't know if they would make it across the fields or not. All it took was for one of the defenders to look behind them. I made sure the AR was setup. It seemed like it took the assaulting team forever to close the distance. That's when we were spotted and Kidding told us to back up. The defenders opened fire on us. The secret to our location was out. We returned fire. The assaulting team was still advancing getting closer. Kidding soon went down and shortly after that I was shot. Hopefully we got the defenders attention and they would expect more from our position. Our AR went down. We lost our whole base of fire element. But the assaulting team was getting closer and still hadn't been spotted. One of the guys ordered grenades ready. Me and the AR spawned back in. That's when the assault happened.

Grenades flew out from all three of the guys attacking. They caught the defenders totally by surprise from the north. We managed to wipe out the defenders and take down the FOB that they had there. Soon the British brought back infantry to reinforce that position and man their MGs. We had to fall back to the west. But still, it was a lot of fun to do that tactic. As we setup in the beginning, we didn't know if it would work but it was extremely fun to give it our best effort.

Some things that would have made things a lot easier:

-work with another squad to take the flag. If we had one squad doing the suppressing/distraction and another squad with the flank, oh man, would have been a site to see! The other squad could have been positioned either east of the flag or somewhere south and would have worked well.
-grenadier to smoke the defenders. Would have neutralized the MGs and given cover to the assaulting team.

Died a lot that round but had a great bunch of guys that I would gladly squad with any time.