After a hard day's work I got home and jumped on the TG server. Some people unwind at a bar, some play basketball. For me, it's PR. Tonight I played only one game, Barracuda. Spawned in as Chinese and started a squad not knowing what my squad would be doing. It was just me running around Main for a little while when MrBass_Assassin hopped in. Cool guy and I've been in squads with him many times before. It was only the two of us so what to do? Well, seemed like most of the action was at Airstrip. There wasn't a defensive flag on it but most of the team seemed to be there. "Let's go there to get some action!" I've been playing Barracuda a lot recently and been learning some things about defending Airstrip-- get a TOW up along with AA and possibly an HMG. A few nights ago I was playing Chinese and we held Airstrip for the entire round. But that's another story. So me and MrBass headed out in a jeep ready to start a great round. We got out of Main and saw mines! I swerved and hit a sneaky one next to the road... Spawned in at Main again.

This time I decided to take us out on foot. Since it was just the two of us I figured we'll be sort of a recon squad, try to get intel on the enemy and not get engaged in any big firefights. North Rock was our attacking flag so we headed out. Pretty peaceful, just walking for a bit, checking out the surroundings, taking your time. I enjoy doing that. We stopped every now and then to glass over our surroundings. Nothing spotted before Supply (what's the full name of that flag? Supply Fort?) Once we got to Supply Fort, we checked out North Rock and saw the USMC building all kinds of fortifications. We spotted a FOB and what looked like foxholes. I marked it on my map.

We decided to get a closer look and must have gotten within 200m of North Rock before we looked through our binos again. This time we spotted HMG nest and mortars, crates, and at least a squad there. So exciting just sneaking around being all recon. One of the funnest things to do is just spy on the enemy when they don't even know you are there. Oh wait a minute! Bullets started shooting at us! MrBass thought they were shooting at a blue guy next to us but I saw the bullet fly by my head. We moved east. That's when we got hit by their first mortar. I guess they did see us. Both MrBass and I were down. So what's next?

"Spawn in at Main." (As a squad leader, if that's the thing you're saying the most then it could be a long round...) I was debating what we should do when more guys joined the squad. MrBass thought mortars would be a good idea and I agreed but there wasn't any logis in the area. So we all got in a jeep and headed to Airstrip being extra cautious of mines this time. When we got there one of the guys accidentally fired his gun and Beowulf dove prone. What reflexes!! I told him that and we had a laugh. Got to the tower at Airstrip and saw a USMC guy roping up. One of my guys shot him down. Inside we met CampinCarl's squad and Seagull_Tourney was there (I have to say, I think Seagull has the coolest name on the server. Seagull_Tourney, I mean, what does the tourney part even mean?) I said my hellos and we got to defending. Seemed like a never ending bombardment of CAS and other things. I had defended the tower numerous times recently so thought maybe it was time to do something different. Asked the guys there what a good location was for mortars and got the grid. Placed a marker and told my squad to head there when there's a break in the CAS runs. Didn't know if I would make it out of the tower. Carl said good luck. I sprinted down the stairs and didn't see any enemy. Got to the southern door and saw a Heli take off from SE. Man I hope it didn't drop off troops. But that was the direction I had to go. I sprinted. Nothing. I only saw dead USMC soldiers. Not sure what happened but I made it out of Airstrip.

Meanwhile my guys were getting the logi and making their way to the marker. When I got there (it was a hill a little NE of the waterfall) they informed me that the logi was sliding down the hill and so were the crates! And sure enough on my map I could see the logi moving sideways towards the NW. At least we had crates though but it would be a b***h to get crates there in the future. Someone said we could just drop it at the top of the hill and it would slide down lol.

I had chosen a somewhat hidden location earlier but our new location down the hill was WIDE OPEN to the north and future CAS runs. Nothing we could do so first things first, got a FOB up. Once that was done I figured our biggest threat was the Hueys so we put up an AA nest and one of my guys got an AA kit. We started digging the mortars and as we were doing that we heard a Huey approaching!! Get on the AA! Get on the AA! We got some shots off and it managed to scare off the Huey but our location was now known by the enemy.

First order of business for the mortars was North Rock. I wanted to bomb the heck out of it because of the many fortifications I saw there but we had a squad assualting it. >< Cool thing though is they called for smoke. They got a fire mission up. I placed the marker and smoke was away. I checked back with them a few moments later and got a response, "smoke good ty." Wish I could have seen the smoke land but we were too far away. Next we got attacked by another CAS run just as Carl was calling in for Airburst on the Airstrip tower. Bad timing. We had to dig the mortars up. I checked with Carl again and we sent the Airburst away. Right on target. Sweet.

Besides doing mortar duty and worrying about CAS runs, we also had to worry about this-- the sound of Hueys hovering near us. "They're dropping troops!!" This happened a few times and we managed to defend it twice. The first time I believe we scared off the Huey with our AA, the second time we heard the Huey to our north and I had my guys go check it out. They found two enemies and were able to take them down without casualty.

What followed next was our team being overrun all the way back to Silo. You know, as Chinese, the two places I'm most familiar with is Airstrip and Silo... So everyone pulled back for a last defense there. All squads rallied but we failed to cap the flag back and lost by only 40.

I arrived late to the round but enjoyed my time, first doing a bit of recon and then after that, running the mortar squad. Mortar squad is a nice change of pace from doing infantry-- you get to build a lot of stuff and help the team with support but you also have a lot of action; defending against CAS runs and the eventual infantry attack. My squad finished with a dozen or so kills and two downed Hueys. All in all a pretty fun night of PR.

*One thing I would like to do in the future is build foxholes at my mortar site. Just in case we get mortar'd ourselves.