Hello TGers, here's my first blog containing my 'little' summer adventure over the past month or so

It all started 12 June, early morning having to get a train from Newcastle to Birmingham ready to fly out to Germany as I had an attachment with 1 Logistics Support Regiment as part of my training whilst I'm studying at Uni. Didn't help matters I was hungover from my Squadrons leavers ball the night before!

Anyway whilst in Germany I learnt the roles of a Troop Commander within a Close Support Squadron. The first week was a little on the short side as by Wednesday most of the Sqn were off to Berlin on a battlefield and cultural tour (also massive drinking sessions!); though that was still plenty of time for some good Sqn PT sessions, namely booted runs and a few fitness tests runnig with 15kg and 25kg.
Berlin is a brilliant place, we had a great walking tour where on the first day we toured the major sights of WW2. Following the Soviet push towards the Reichstag, the various memorials and going to the site of Hitler's Führerbunker.
The next day covered Berlin during the Cold War period, can't exactly remember where it is but saw part of the remaining wall where it shows what it looked like during the Cold War. We got a Sqn photo outside of the Brandenburg Gate aswell, and thanks to the Sqn Sgt. Maj we got a posed photo too :p

The 'Pose' aka Press Up position down!

The next week was spent following my Troopy about as we got ready to go on a small training exercise to go over the SOPs for Combat Logistics Patrols prior to the guys going off on HERRICK 15 in September. I got thrown into the deep end on this little ex by being given my osprey, PRR and then dumped into the commanders seat of one of the wagons, this was alright on the first day of the ex where we practiced simple convoy drills along the German roads. Things stepped up though the next day when we went through the skills and drills of CLPs. Getting into contacts, vehicle recovery and IED strikes. Thoroughly enjoyed it, during one serial especially at the end (put in so we could use the rest of our blanks). Literally screamed to my top cover "Contact right by the hut, f**cking light them up" few seconds later "Magazine change!", just as the driver floors it. Awesome stuff.

Example of what I was in 'command' of.

The rest of my time was spent observing the piles and piles of admin work that a young Troopy has to deal with, and endless amounts of banter. There's also getting involved with the mess life (more commonly referred to as going on the lash ;) ).

Then began my journey back to the UK to start the next chapter of my summer.

part 2 in the works now.