It came up in the PR:BF2 forum (Link to thread) that people would like a map with the jets and helicopters from PR in with quick vehicle respawns so that they could practice flying without hindering an online game.

Below are the details of the map download for anyone interested in starting a PR piloting career!

README (also included in download)
================================================== ============================
=========================== BURNING SANDS TRAINING v1.0.0 ====================
================================================== ============================
========================== AUDIT BY |TG-31st|ANIMALMOTHER ====================
================================================== ============================
============================= MAP BY [R-DEV]RUDD =============================


Extract the .rar to the pr mod folder
example file path

c:/program files/ea games/battlefield 2/mods/pr

It should not ask you to overwrite anything.

go to

.../mods/pr/levels and delete the burning_sandstrain map folder

- All rotary and fixed wing aircraft currently in the PR 0966 build (including those not used on normal maps)
> Each spawn set to spawn a maximum of 4 vehicles, spawn time of 10 seconds
> All enterable by being brits
- A bombing range of targets with close by spawn for lases
> Each T-62 has a respawn of 120 seconds
- On the MEC side there is are 2 jets in a hanger, and 4 helicopters at the South base for dogfight training if required.

The latest version will always be available from this DOWNLOAD PAGE.

Any feedback on changes you'd like, or well anything let me know one way or another and i'll change/fix things

Here's a few screens of what you've got

Click to Enlarge

Have fun!