So, I'm a big home theater/AV guy. Over the past few years I've been bouncing around trying to find the best streaming media server solution for my home network. I've done everything from FreeNAS using DLNA to stream through my PS3 or XBox 360, OpenFiler running iSCSI back to my desktop with TVersity, PlayOn or Microsoft's Media Server solution, and even a conventional HTPC connected directly to my TV.

In all these cases I've found numerous drawbacks from choppy playback, inability to properly stream NetFlix, cumbersome UI, or just having too many machines powered on just to watch some TV.

A few weeks ago I came across the MVix Ultio Pro MX880-HD. It's a set-top appliance that does EVERYTHING I'm looking for and it's very affordable, especially when compared to the amount of power I need to suck up to run the alternate solutions.


I placed the order today with 2 day shipping. I plan on reporting here through the receipt, unboxing, setup, and utilization of the device. Ultimately I am going to do a review of the thing (it's so new I can't find a single review out there).

Hopefully this will be the magic bullet I need to seriously simplify my home media setup. Time will tell!