After some conflicting info on various sites; I was curious if the MX880-HD was actually in stock or if my order was placed in a pre-order queue. I sent out an e-mail to Mvix sales asking for verification and they promptly sent me back a confirmation; the product IS shipping. Although not likely anytime within the next 16-24 hours!

Hello Paul

Thanks for your email and interest in our product

Mvix Ultio Pro (MX-880HD) is currently in stock and is shipping as we speak
Your order is in the queue for order processing.

However, there is some delay in shipping your order from our Warehouse.

As you may know, Northern-VA received significant snow in the past 3-4 days and as a result all our warehouse operations are crippled. Not only are we facing significant logistical issues, most our warehouse staff is stranded as well.
FEDEX, UPS and TNT have canceled their operations for the next 24hrs till roads become drive-able and safe.

We expect to resume operations by tomorrow (TUE) afternoon. Due to overwhelming demand of our new product, there is a long queue of pending orders and we will try to dispatch as many orders as possible. We do expect to clear the shipping queue in 16-24hrs, once the warehouse is in normal operation.
You will receive an email with the tracking no. of your package as soon as it is shipped.

We regret the inconvenience caused due to this delay caused by inclement weather.

Thanks and have a good day

So chalk this up to an unfortunate snowstorm. Although the quick response from Mvix was certainly noted and appreciated!