So, I was going through the server graveyard at my house that contains a lot of OLD hardware. Some of it will get junked, but some of it I just can't get rid of.

That's the old web and database server that ran Network 42 Tactical Gaming, which was re-branded as Tactical Gamer. The philosophy has never changed, but the name and hardware sure has!

That thing had like a 40GB hard drive in it. Eventually, I was running out of space so I splurged and bought another whopping 40GB drive.

It was pretty bad-ass, in it's time...

That hard drive isn't sitting on top of Andromeda. It's on top of it's sister.

That ran Counter-Strike along with a couple other Half-Life and Quake mods and some other stuff.

I'd like to try and fire these things up this weekend, see how well I remember Solaris 5.1, and see what kind of old legacy stuff I can pull off them. If they still power up, that is......