Modern War-fail 3...

Yup that about sums it up. I will do my best not to give spoilers to anyone who actually cares but I feel the need to rant a little.

Seriously!?!?!? Really?!?!? That is the best you can do? You give me a game using the same graphics engine as MW2. It isn't even as pretty as Black Ops was! Okay...fine...I can get over the graphics because you must have spent all your time and money writing an amazing story, right? Please. FAIL! The campaign takes a little over four hours to beat and it is nothing but nonstop over-the-top gunfights with an occasional break for some "stealth" options in which all the bad guys are apparently mute, deaf, blind, retards holding plastic guns. You could stand next to one, ask him for a cigarette, chat about his family for a little while, and then walk away and he would never raise the alarm. Really guys?!? Nice job In-fail-ity Ward. Not to mention that every character you've grown to know and love during the series is killed off except one. So what? You're trying to make up for a lackluster and brief campaign by killing off main characters wholesale to add dramatic effect? Who the hell did your writing? George R. R. Martin? No wait...if he had written it then the game WOULD HAVE BEEN LONGER!

Alright...fine...I'll try to convince myself that it doesn't matter. I bought the game to do the multiplayer anyway. Lets crank that up. Ohh look new guns and perks...and the same gameplay, graphics, physics, and gametypes. Really? After all this time I would like to see something new, innovative, breathtaking. Wait...we already did. Treyarch did that with Black Ops. You made money and used that to unlock weapon attachments, camo, perks, etc. That was pretty sweet! What did you guys do to follow it up with! The same level based unlock system from MW2. Oh wait, you level the gun separately from your character to unlock its stuff. I guess that is alright...I'd still rather buy the stuff I want then play with a gun for a few hours to unlock the sight I enjoy. It really doesn't matter though because it seems this is going to be the same game as MW2/Black Ops. You equip the most broken gun (from what I've seen the UMP .45 SMG) put a silencer on it and equip all the sneaky "you can't see me" perks and corner camp with your bouncing bettys, claymores, and I.M.S. (infantry munitions system) set up to cover your back. That and so many people do nothing but play this game that the skill curve is oh so very skewed. I got aggravated with Black Ops toward the end and just quit playing and was hoping this would be a breath of fresh air for the franchise. Instead I open up a box full of the same old stale, 1337zor, living in my parents basement, no-scope/quick-scope sniping, "man I just pwned you n00b", 13-year-old, xBox live trash talking, BULL**** THAT I CAN'T STAND.

If you need me I'll be playing Battlefield 3 on PC. I'm taking this **** back to GameStop and trading it toward a copy of Skyrim.